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Padre Burgos Beaches in Quezon - Puting Buhangin,Mag-asawang Bato,Kwebang Lampas

This post is still about the places my husband Peter, and I, explored last Good Friday… If you want to start this Padre Burgos beach travelogue from the beginning, please click the following link:


After our short stay at Borawan Island, our next stop was at Puting Buhangin Beach. On our way there, the boatman showed us Mag-asawang Bato, a stretch of rocky island that was divided in two, perhaps, by the tide and passing of time. The water surrounding it was full of corals so we didn't stop over anymore. We just admired this magnificent formation of islets from a distance.

As we were nearing Puting Buhangin, we saw the Padre Burgos Power Plant nearby. It served as a gigantic and commanding backdrop to the lush vegetation of the mountains seemingly below it .

A few more meters and we felt our excitement as we took a closer peak at Puting Buhangin Beach. We again noticed that rocky cliffs and boulders seem to be the usual natural occurrences in these parts. They were such a site to behold, as if we were so far away from home, to think this is just Quezon, a 4-hour drive from Manila. ^_^

At last, we arrived at Puting Buhangin Beach! This beach is also quite popular among campers and tourists. It's a longer stretch of semi-white sand, lined with coconut trees and some cottages. The only catch is, while anybody can stay and pitch a tent there, nobody is allowed to stay overnight, plus there's a fee of Php50.00 each. We didn't mind. The moment we were a kilometer away from Puting Buhangin, we already knew we would have a grand time snorkeling there. The water was so clear and teeming with fish. We couldn't wait to jump in the water!

As we were enjoying our time snorkeling at the right side of the beach (if you're facing the sea), we noticed a couple of people trekking over the rocky parts of a nearby cave. Little did we know that it was already Kwebang Lampas! We excitedly headed over there. Unfortunately, I was wearing my fins and didn't have any aqua shoes on. The moment I took my fins off, it was such pure agony on my feet going there. Nevertheless, we still went. Mind over matter! All for the sake of adventure! Teehee.

This cave is called Kwebang Lampas because it goes through to the other side of the cliff and opens to the sea. It somehow reminded me of all the other caves we've been to. There weren't any stalactites and stalagmites (not that that I've seen anyway), but the rock formations inside were just as eerie. o_O

When we came back to the beach, the boatman told us that they're docking to the left side of the beach (if you're facing the sea) where there were lesser people. We obliged. And I was happy to notice that as I was snorkeling in that part, the water seemed more abundant with fish...

It felt as if I was in a giant aquarium and I was one with the fishes! We even saw a purple and lilac starfish which felt like a soft bean pillow (yes, Peter dove and touched it).

Peter actually believed it was just a pillow, until we saw another starfish just like this during our Potipot Island camping trip the following weekend. ^_^

We spent the rest of our time in Puting Buhangin snorkeling. If we could only stay there overnight, we would have done so. ^_^

Just before we headed to our next beach destination, we saw a couple of people hiking on top of the cliff and jumping in the clear blue waters. Oooohhhh, how scary!

I wondered if that was as high as the jump I did in Pundaquit Falls back in 2006. Hmmm. I wanted to jump too but I guess doing it once during my lifetime is enough. ^_^

To be continued...

For more photos, please click the following link:

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