Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Palay-Isdaan Mini Zoo Visit and Carlos Beach Sightseeing

Earlier on this Black Saturday, we left Dampalitan Island at around lunch time. On the way back home, I hoped to pass by another beach I wanted to check out --- Carlos Beach. I came across Carlos Beach while doing my research online. It's at the end of the road that also leads to Pueblo Por Playa, a member's only beach club in Barangay Bantigue, occupying most of its coastline. We got lost a couple of times because we couldn't find Carlos Beach even after we passed by Pueblo Por Playa. So we started asking around. Apparently, the end of the road which we thought was the ultimate end of the road in Barangay Bantigue was not. We had to go a little further into that narrow road leading to Carlos Beach. Finally, when we got there, it was unfortunate that Carlos Beach was not as impressive as I thought it would be. Entrance fee is only Php 20.00 and and use of table is for Php 50.oo each. It is a small picnic ad beach resort with a fish pond at the back. Since it was Black Saturday, it was full of people mostly kids and oldies. After taking a few photos, we left and just decided to go straight home.

By the time we were on the road, I started craving for halu-halo or something cold. I thought of visiting Silangang Nayon again but Peter was not really in the mood for it. Then in Pagbilao, I saw a sign that says Palay-Isdaan. I thought this was Kamayan sa Palaisdaan which I visited a few years back. Apparently, it's another restaurant with floating cottages and a Mini Zoo! Oh wow! For a minute there, I forgot my craving. Peter and I spent some time admiring the animals while waiting for our order of Saba Con Yelo & Corn Shake.


When we had enough of the animals, we settled in one of their floating cottages and waited for our order. Palay-Isdaan really looked nice. They even have a small swimming pool which people can avail of. But there's separate entrance fee for it. The rest of Palay-Isdaan was just so relaxing and beautiful. It would have been nice to order a lot of food had we been hungry.

Finally, our order arrived! Wee!

And then we finally headed home. ^_^


Markyramone said...

wow beautiful place

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Thanks Marky! :-)


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