Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Camp Rock 2 Official Trailer

I was literally having goosebumps as I watched the official trailer of Camp Rock 2. I can't wait!

Like what Demi Lovato said, it's bigger and it's better! Everybody is pumped at the highest level of both singing and acting. I just love their voices (they give me the chills up and down my spine every time I listen to their songs) and the lyrics are just so meaningful and always relevant. My 16-year old soul may have been trapped in a 32-year old body, but whatever the case is, of all the aspirational teen flicks I've seen in my whole life, Disney's Camp Rock installations are the ones that make me wanna go back in time and change my destiny.

Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato and all the cast and crew of Camp Rock 2, YOU ROCK!

Enjoy the video of Camp Rock 2's trailer:


Babsy said...

my daughter would love this

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Hi Babsy,

I wonder how young your daughter is... ^_^

I'm feeling quite young watching this trailer alone. ^_^

Stargazer said...

err...not so much into this but maybe Heaven will like it in the future. I am somehow gathering Disney tween flicks even if I'm not the one buying them. People give me dvds on them. Do i look like a fan? hehehehe, i'm here too.-Mer

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Hey Mer!

Seriously, you're not a fan? Hehehe... Maybe Heaven will be in the future. ;-) I have to start influencing her, hehehe.


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