Saturday, May 22, 2010

Car Check Before Traveling

It's been a long time since Peter and I last went to La Union to brave the surf. I miss the beach, I miss the waters, I miss the thrill of surfing. It’s just that whenever we go there, we have to use the bigger car so we can also bring our surfboard with us. The smaller car should be great because with it, we can save a lot of gas. The only downside is that the surfboard won't be able to fit in there.

Now, the thing about our older car is that it may already need some fixing. It's already due for registration, but before we do that, it may need some water pump replacement to make sure that it does not overheat during the long drive, especially under this grueling summer heat; the timing belt might have to be checked to make sure that the components of the internal engine are in sync; the tires need to be pumped; plus it really needs a good car wash with waxing.

If this is Texas and Phoenix auto repair shops are almost everywhere, it would be easy. But from where we live, and due to our very hectic schedules, we should really stop working first and find the time to find a good car shop to get these matters in order so we can once again enjoy riding our old car, and be able to bring it with us whenever we go surfing.

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