Saturday, May 08, 2010

Hammocks at Home

I had a feeling that summer would be over soon because of the intermittent rain showers. Too bad, I thought. To think Peter and I bought two hammocks during one of our island getaways hoping that we still could bring them out of town and have them set up between coconut trees for our future camping trips.

But since the rainy season had started, add to that the bulk of work I had to do online, plus some VTRs my agents ask me to attend from time to time, and household chores I need to take care of, and Peter's work during weekends, there's just really no time to relax anymore. Then one afternoon, as I was busily writing articles while doing the laundry at the same time, I thought, why not set up the hammock here at home? So that's what I did. And the weekend after that, Peter set up another one in our backyard. The thing is, even with these relaxing hammocks at home, I rarely find the time to lie down on them and just relax. Two weeks have passed and I've only enjoyed them a few times, for a few minutes each time. Oh well. Hopefully I get to use them longer this coming weekend. I am so burnt out. I need another vacation.

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Anonymous said...

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