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Potipot Island in Zambales : Our Last Day

This travelogue is a continuation of my previous Potipot blog post. For all posts about Potipot island, please click the link below:


Sunrise at Potipot Island

Early the next morning, we woke up a few minutes before sunrise. It was cold and breezy, so I got our C-2 mini-tent and sat there while we waited for the sun to take a peek by the mountains...

It was such a beautiful sunny morning.We noticed that some people were already frolicking in the cool waters. As for us, we couldn't wait to explore Potipot Island some more like we promised ourselves the previous day. And so, our
journey began...

Potipot island has small and big cottages for rent. An overnight stay at the cottage above is at Php1000 per night.

Potipot island also has a variety of trees scattered all around, with wooden tables and chairs underneath them. These spots can be used for free.

Some parts of Potipot island are forest-like...

...while some parts of the island are quite barren.

We just kept walking, stopping only to take photos from time to time...
...while looking for the perfect spot to snorkel.
We found our first snorkeling spot and I couldn't wait to take a dip in the cold water.
Until... I saw a tiny jellyfish which I caught using a styro cup. It was so cute!

After quite some time, we walked some more to see what's on the other side.
From afar, we can see this man-made rock formation circling that part of the water.

Then all of a sudden, we saw some jellyfish... and they're dead!
I wanna make sure they're really dead though, so I poked them a bit...

We returned them to the water just in case they're still alive. After all, they're the kind with no stings so they're safe to humans. ^_^ Then we continued with out little journey around Potipot island.
We spotted some pretty nice rocky beach where I had my fave photo taken by my hubby, Peter.

Then as usual, we took some more photos of the amazing natural formations around us...

By the time we got back to our camp, we were quite hungry. Good thing that a taho vendor was passing by so we bought 3 cups of taho (sweetened soy bean curd) in addition to our mangoes, bananas, and tuna sandwich for breakfast. Yes, we try to eat healthily as much as possible. ^_^
Then it was time to rest for a while so I spent it reading my Archie Comics.
Before we started packing our stuff around noon, Peter found this starfish near the shore and showed it to me.

When it's in the water, it's more puffed and rounded.But when you take it out of the water, it seems to get deflated like this.

This one below is the underside of the starfish.

Then Peter suddenly recognized this starfish! We saw a bigger one which was color purple in Puting Buhangin island in Padre Burgos just the previous weekend. We actually thought it was a pillow!
This was the starfish we saw while snorkeling in Puting Buhangin the previous weekend.

But Before we finally packed our things, Peter bought two hammocks from a a vendor going around the island. We bought some pinipig ice cream too and enjoyed ourselves while swinging on the hammock.

We left Potipot island a little after lunch. The same boatmen picked us up and brought us back to Dawal beach where we parked our car nearby. On our way back home, we passed by Subic for some more sightseeing.

We went to the Boardwalk area and enjoyed the view...
We then dropped by one of the hotels in the area, Boardwalk Inn, for some cappuccino shake and cappuccino ice cream. ^_^
We then went near the Duty Free area to check out some Addidas and Nike shoes on sale.
We didn't find what we want so on one of the gas stations along the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), we stopped for a while and looked at some Addidas shoes where I eventually bought my Retrek Jogger.

This Mega Station also has a mini dinosaur park for kids. Awesome! ^_^
Then we finally headed home, tired but happy. ^_^

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