Friday, May 14, 2010

Sexynomad.Blogspot is Born

Howdy! I just celebrated my 4th birthday at my previous sexynomad blog when I suddenly decided to make a new home here at It was a toss between totally stopping all my blogging activities or finding a new home. I know I'd regret deleting all my blogs so I chose the latter instead.

After I "snorkeled" my way (see my goodbye post) from island to blogspot mountain, I am finally here.

It was quite hard for me to leave a place where I used to find so much happiness before. But I'm hopeful that blogspot will give me what I need as I try to consolidate my so-called life in one spot. This will still be mostly personal posts about my travels, my thoughts, books I read, my sense of fashion, things I do, stuff I spend money on, chosen events I go to, and links to my quest for better health through my choices of food, my need for continuous self-discovery, my journey to unearthing the Wiccan powers in me, my trying to accomplish the resolutions I set out to do, and a lot more. My new home is still quite empty. Just like that spot of land I visited last month in Caramoan, my new house is still bare and will need so much tending. So bear with me as I slowly try to build its foundation and hopefully soon enough, my new home will be complete.

To all my silent readers who never tire of reading me, to those who have made themselves known to me, to those who lurk and send me mischievous text messages from time to time, and to those who have passed by at my site at one point or another in their respective lives, I thank you for giving me the inspiration to keep on writing and sharing my life.

So now that it's been said and done, how have you been? ^_^


Karen said...

I was one of your silent reader back then, and will always be. Good luck with the move.. :)

The Sexy Nomad said...

Hi Karen,

Thank you! I appreciate it a lot. ^_^ I hope to write more good stuff here. =)

Winziph said...

welcome to your new home, been following your way back when i use to be part of the family too, i also migrated to blogspot since i am trying to learn a lot new stuffs with blogging and trying to be more creative more.

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Hi Winziph!

Thanks for following me here. I checked out your blog and it's pretty awesome! Keep blogging! ^_^


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