Friday, May 28, 2010

Singapore: Suntec City and The Fountain of Wealth

As soon as we arrived at the Changi airport, we checked in our luggage at a temporary storage area for only a few Singapore dollars. After all, we had another flight to catch going to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam later that dawn and it would be such a waste of funds and time if we still look for a place to crash for the day. So, we opted to go on a free tour of the city itself. We took the sanstour bus ride to the city c/o Uniquely Singapore. Passing by the highway roads of Singapore felt very familiar and homey. I didn't anymore get awed by the cleanliness and beauty of the surroundings, which was a good thing, coz it means I was comfortable, considering that we were backpacking our way for the entire duration of this Asian trip.

The bus ride to the city was about 25 minutes from Changi airport, so we just sat back and relaxed and let our tour guide do all the talking.

We passed by the Singapore Flyer which looked so colorful and huge even from afar.

We saw the Fountain of Wealth which is touted to be the largest fountain in the world. We got so curious that we promised ourselves to check it out later that evening.

We then got off at Suntec City Mall. It was quite a walk from the drop off point going to the fountain. So we did some window shopping first. Jem actually bought a couple of office blazers at G2000 while I fancied about some stunning high heeled pumps.

Afterward, we headed straight to the Koi Garden to rest a bit. After about 15 minutes, we then went looking for the Fountain of Wealth.

When we finally got there, there was along line of people wanting to go to the Fountain of Wealth, to dance around the gushing water, and be blessed by it.

Jem took a video of these people who were already circling around the Fountain of Wealth.

It was quite a long wait so we took some more photos instead. Until finally, it was our turn... Woohoo!

Above is our video which Jem took, while dancing around Singapore's Fountain of Wealth. And this one below was taken using the cam phone of my Nokia. ^_^

They say that when you touch the water and pretty much get wet from it, you will be blessed and cleansed. I dunno if this real but I did learn about the psychic power of water before, and I felt pretty refreshed after the whole thing was over. So I guess the saying is true then... the best things in life are indeed free. ^_^

For more photos on this trip, click 2010 Singapore Trip.

To be continued...

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