Sunday, May 16, 2010

Then and Now Massive Music Festival 2010 - Sharing My Experience

To my surprise, I ended up with 6 more free silver tickets that night c/o Jayvee. We met with him at Don Henrico's together with his beautiful girlfriend and their friends. I immediately texted, plurked and facebooked about the free tickets but only two were able to avail of them.

Anyhoo, just like in any other big events, there were some minor inconveniences that could have been avoided, and could've made the whole experience seem massive indeed... inconveniences like having a faulty microphone, no regular hosts entertaining the crowd in between sets, and the monitor not working properly (even Jojo, while performing, asked to have her monitor turned up).

Anyway, overall, I had fun. Even if I was napping in between sets while seated on Peter, who was seated on the ground, I loved almost all the songs they played for us. They're the songs I perpetually play on my ipod and at home! Yeah, I am an 80's girl but I'm also stuck in the 90's. Ask me what I love about music today and all I know is that of Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato. Okay, that one song of Miley Cyrus too. ^_^

Back to the Then & Now Concert... Peter and I had particular favorites though ---

(We weren't able to get good videos because we were quite far from the stage. So I'm posting here their old music videos instead, which I loooove, and which I got from youtube. We were also not allowed to bring our Nikon D40 inside so there are no good photos for us either. I'll just add later the ones taken with our Olympus digicam after my PC gets reformatted.)

Diana King's L-L-lies

Diana King's Shy Guy

That night, Diana King's voice rocked even without an accompaniment, even with a faulty mic, and even with a glitchy monitor! Her voice was just that powerful! We were so impressed, especially with L-L-lies and Shy Guy! She also looked like she hasn't aged. That's the power of reggae running through her veins. ^_^

Also, out of everyone who performed, for us, Diana King seemed to be the most genuinely happy for being able to sing here in Manila. All the others were also very nice and grateful, but Diana King had this aura of sincere gratitude. It probably has something to do with her being Jamaican and all. Jah rules! ^_^

SWV's Right Here (Human Nature Mix)

SWV's Weak

SWV brought down the house during the final set!

Let's rewind a bit: In the course of the concert, the audience's energy levels were inconsistent. When we heard songs we didn't like, or when the sound system was bad, most of us just sat on the ground and talked, or stood there like robots. When a performer sang something familiar, the energy levels suddenly went up. It was like that for almost each of the artists who performed. But when SWV came on stage, at around 2 in the morning, when some of the audience already left, and the rest of us remaining were ready to fall asleep, we all suddenly came alive! The organizers were right to put them in the end. It really gave the concert a powerful finale!

So if Diana King awed me with her voice, SWV made me cry with their first song, RIGHT HERE (Human Nature Mix) , the one where they sampled Michael Jackson's song, Human Nature. I guess it's because I'm still not over Michael. He would soon be celebrating his first death anniversary on June 25 (which is the same day as my hubby Peter's birthday) and I can still feel the pain inside. I love you, Michael Jackson...

Anyway, I digress...

PM Dawn's Die Without You

PM Dawn's Set Adrift Memory Bliss

PM Dawn's Looking Through Patient Eyes

I loved PM Dawn too. It's just too bad that one of the duo [(brothers Attrell Cordes (a.k.a. Prince Be, sometimes credited as Prince Be the Nocturnal) and Jarrett Cordes (a.k.a DJ Minutemix or J.C. the Eternal)] recently had a stroke and so the musicality of the songs rendered sounded raw and incomplete. But still, I loved listening to DIE WITHOUT YOU, SET ADRIFT ON MEMORY BLISS and LOOKING THROUGH PATIENT EYES. They're my ultimate favorites back in high school! Teehee.

As for Jojo, I'm not a fan, for obvious reasons. She writes good songs, yes. But I just don't find her voice that good. When I closed my eyes to listen to her sing, her voice just sounded raw. There's no oommph, or "makapanindig balahibo na lakas" (hair-raising power), as compared to Charice Pempengco's voice for instance. Her new and unreleased songs are better than the old ones though. So, maybe there's hope.

So there. Again, thanks to Jayvee for helping me get out of my technological rut last night. As for the rest of you, enjoy the rest of your weekend. ^_^

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