Saturday, May 15, 2010

Then & Now Massive Music Festival 2010

Yes, Peter and I are going to watch the Then & Now Massive Music Festival 2010 tonight at MOA concert grounds because Jayvee was kind enough to offer us some free tickets. ^_^

The last time I went to a concert was when Pussycat Dolls was here, and even that too was free, all because of SMART Sandbox & Tita Noemi who gave me her VIP tickets.

I really seldom have the time and the energy but I think this time around I have to make an effort. SWV and P.M. Dawn will be there who I love, plus
TQ, Diana King, Baby Bash, Frankie J, JoJo, and a whole lot more! They will all be performing their hits for Filipino fans just because they want to. They don't even have an album to promote! This is really awesome! I already feel much better.

Like I wrote on my Kicking Pinay self-help blog just a few minutes ago, my cheerfulness is my responsibility and I have to start now. I have to get out of my misery (reason stated on that blog post) and try to enjoy life some more.

So, wish me luck!!! I still have work to do (equivalent to 2 days worth..arghhh), I haven't bathed since yesterday, I haven't really slept in a hundred years, I haven't had my nails done and I still have to go home to my parent's house so my brother can fix my fried PC and drive. And hopefully, tomorrow, I get to use my Deluxe Massage coupon at The Spa, thanks to Rico.

Now that I think about it, I'm still quite blessed. I have friends who think of me even when I forget to think about myself, I have a brother who will do everything he can to get me out of my technological misery, I have a girlfriend (Koryn) who was kind enough to willingly share with me all our photos from way back, and I have a hubby who buys me Mcdo chicken and spaghetti meals in the middle of the night just because he knows it will make me feel better. I think this will be a good weekend.

How about you? What are you up to?

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