Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2010 Toycon and Bead Craze

Hey everyone!

I was glad to have the chance to get out of the house last Sunday, even for just a couple of hours. Thanks to Papa Azrael for letting me come as one of the bloggers at the 2010 Toycon held in Megamall.

It was my first time and I actually had fun looking at all the toys and the cosplayers who went to the event. Peter was enjoying himself too. He got to take a photo with one of his most favorite DC characters, Green Lantern. He was even wearing a Green lantern shirt! Maybe next year, he'll be a cosplayer too, who knows? Teehee. ^_^

It was pretty late when we got there, around past 6 pm. Many of the cosplayers were loitering outside Megatrade Hall in SM Megamall and some were posing for photos. We took our chance and took a couple of shots.

Inside Toycon, we were just overwhelmed by the multitude and variety of toys available. I learned that it is during this time that collectors and makers alike join forces to showcase their most prized toy possessions. How cool is that!

My crush - Tony Stark / Iron Man!

I loved Ghostbusters back in 1980s! ^_^ I'm afraid of no ghost! ^_^

here are some more shots...

Honestly, for me, the highlight of my Toycon experience was seeing all those accessories like little hats and fancy bracelets because it made me think that I can learn how to do them too! Actually, after our Toycon visit, we went to National Bookstore and I bought tons of craft supplies. I wasn't content so the next day, I again bought more bead and craft supplies. I'm excited to make more beaded piecess, plus little hats and cosplay accessories, if I can only find time to do them.

Speaking of time, the rest of my weekend was spent making, repairing, and reconstructing beaded jewelry pieces. Here's my album, Me and My Beads. In time, when I have more to offer, I may just open my beautiful creations for business. Anyway, they're very affordable. But so far, the ones I'm making are just for me. I have to practice and hopefully, soon, I will be able to come up with more intricate and unique designs which I can sell for a tiny profit. The important thing is that I am enjoying myself and I am able to express my creativity once again.

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