Friday, June 11, 2010

How To Get NBI Clearance, Smart Free Phone and a Little Explanation Why I Rarely Attend Events

After I got my Philippine Postal ID, and because it was such a breeze for me, I decided to do my NBI clearance too. Their office was just a few steps away from the Postal Office anyway, at the second floor of the Alabang Public Market. Others who wish to do the same can go to their nearest NBI branch or to the main NBI office in Monumento, Manila, across Ever Gotesco, beside Victory Mall.

NBI Clearance Center

Victory Central Mall

#717 Old Victory Liner Cmpd. Rizal Ave.

Monumento, Caloocan City

Tel. no. 351-4149, 351-0619

For those who still don't have their NBI clearance or wish to have theirs renewed, here is a visual presentation on how you can get your NBI clearance:

Anyway, here in Alabang NBI office, the line was short, and I was immediately given a form. The man behind the desk asked me if I'm a new applicant. I told them I had one before when I was still single. The guy handed me a form and told me to fill out everything including the back portion. Then he told me to go inside. Inside, I was supposed to pay at the cashier first but they already accommodated me at the finger printing section. After that, I went to the cashier and paid Php115.00. Then my photo was taken. Then they gave me my receipt and they told me to come back on June 18.

If I transacted at the NBI main branch in Monumento, Manila, I would probably have gotten it on the same day, provided that I go there super early to avoid the long line. But going back on June 18 is no problem for me rather me going to Monumento and wasting my precious time there. At least here, in less than 30 minutes, my NBI clearance has already been processed.

After that, I still had a lot of time to walk to Festival Mall so I can pay my Smart Bro bill (which is not included in the Unionbank online billing system... go figure!) and inquired about that free phone they promised more than a month ago! Coz more than a month ago, a guy woke me up one afternoon from my slumber (I work on graveyard shift, remember? So I try to sleep in the afternoon.) and bugged me about having my Smart Bro wifi service renewed for another 2 years. If I do so, they will give me either a free phone, a free printer, or a free desktop computer. I chose the phone. And now, it's been more than a month and my blasted phone still isn't here! To think I wanted to change wifi service provider and try that new one, Wi-Tribe. Grrr!

The rep I spoke with at Smart Wireless Center in Festival Mall don't even have the contact number of the sales person responsible for this. All he can do was email the guy. My high blood was soaring!

Anyway, I didn't want to waste anymore energy there so I just decided to go home after that. At least my day was still productive. I got my postal ID, my NBI clearance is on its way, my bills were paid, and I was able to talk to one of our village association officers regarding some business matters. I was also able to organize all my insurance, mortgage and utility receipts which have been piling up in a mess since January. I got to do some laundry too, watched a DVD movie, (Jennifer Lopez's The Backup Plan --- loved it! I was crying and laughing the whole time) prepared a scrumptious dinner and now I even got time to blog. It was a fulfilling day. I didn't go to the the bloggers event in Red Box anymore where Lorna Tolentino, MojoJojo and the K-Pop will have a meet and greet with the bloggers coz I don't consider it a priority.Now, if they pay me to go there maybe I would, like what happened on Wednesday when I went to a chocolate tasting meeting in Greenhills, San Juan and got paid for it!
That's more like it. And I don't even have to blog about that. ^_^

I think I learned my lesson from Crocs event. I didn't ask for it, they were the ones who said that they will give me free Crocs ABF if I attend their event. I'm not really a blogger reporter, which is why I don't usually attend events unless I will get some sort of compensation for it, or I am certain that it's something I truly enjoy. I am after all a freelancer and my minutes count by the dollar.

In terms of blogging, I blog about experiences I love and consider valuable and worthy of my time. And because they promised a free pair of Crocs ABF, then it becomes valuable, after all, what am I going to do at EK Biki World where the event was held? I can't even swim in there since the pools are for kids and are so shallow. So we took precious hours from our busy schedule to cover the event. But until now, the promised CROCS ABF is still nowhere in sight. Talk about false setting of expectations. Hay Naku! And the guy who contacted me (Helton Tan), is not even answering my texts. Hay naku talaga! Super bad!

Anyway, I have an early day tomorrow for my TIN card. Wish me luck! ^_^

Update (June 11, 2010) - Helton Tan got in touch with me today. He just came back from Singapore and apologized for the delay of my CROCS ABF. I'm sorry too if I seemed impatient. I just simply do not agree to the practice of breaking promises. :-)

Let me just reiterate that I personally love CROCS. Last year, I bought about 11-13 pairs (I lost count already!) coz I thought I would be using them for my advertising job in Publicis since I mostly did field work and my Nike sneakers were giving up on me. I even blogged about them on my two fashion sites : Crocs on and Crocs on

But then I quit my job after 3 weeks and was left with all those comfy CROCS that I try to use whenever I go out on errands and on long walks and travels because they are just so comfortable on my feet.

Anyway, once my CROCS ABF arrives, I'll be reviewing more the new ABF line. ^_^


SmartCommunications said...

Hi Jen! We have sent you an email regarding the offered Free Handset for your Smart Bro account. We will wait for your reply. Thanks! :)

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Thank you for emailing, Smart.

I have replied with all the reference and account numbers you need so you can further check on this. I really appreciate it. :-)

Mama Mia said...

I was just reading this. I've been to both the Victory Mall NBI and the Muntinlupa NBI (Alabang Palengke) -- I must say that was quite the experience!

I put some tips in my blog for readers who might need to get their NBI too :)

Anonymous said...


i also applied for an nbi clearance last week at alabang public market and they requested me to go back tomorrow. the problem is, i might not be able to go there personally since i have work. so can someone get my clearance on my behalf? if so, do i need to give him/her my id's and/or authorization letter?

thank you!

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

I honestly don't know since I haven't tried that route before. You can try authorizing someone else to get it for you and see if that works. Sorry I can't be of much help. :-)

Anonymous said...

hi, may renewal pa ba ngayon ng nbi clearance sa alabang? o start uli sa pag-fill up ng form? totoo ba na madaling araw pa lang daw dapat nakapila na sa nbi alabang?

thanks :)

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

I'm not sure pero parang may renewal pa rin. When I went there, mahaba ang pila so I had to go back another day. Kaya siguro yung iba, madaling araw pa lang nakapila na.


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