Thursday, June 10, 2010

How To Get Philippine Postal ID and Advice About Getting TIN cards

I'm a freelance virtual assistant. As such, I don't really have any valid IDs with me except for my passport. The SSS ID I have is still the one I was given on my senior year in Ateneo (laminated and still has my maiden name on it); my GSIS e-card has already expired coz I no longer work for GSIS even if I'm still using my Unionbank account to pay for most of my utility bills; my Philhealth card still has my maiden name on it too; and my Platinum Visa is useless because it doesn't have my photo on it. So whenever I do transactions that need valid IDs, they always tell my that my passport is not enough. Even my NSO certified marriage and birth certificates only serve as secondary IDs.

I was supposed to get other valid IDs years ago but I always dreaded doing it for fear of wasting my time in long lines which can cause me severe migraines just like what happened to me when I had my lost passport renewed (nightmare!). I think my fear of transacting with government offices stemmed from my first encounter with Quezon City Hall back in 2002 when I had the spelling of my name changed on my birth certificate. On my birth certificate, my first name was spelled JENIFER when all my life I have been using JENNIFER. God! Do I blame my parents for this oversight? It was one of the most challenging and horrific moments of my life. Add to that the fact that I paid 26 effing thousand pesos and wasted like few months of my life just taking care of that! Don't wanna live through that kind of hell again!

So anyway, what motivated me to finally, finally get these blasted IDs is because two months from now, I'll be encashing one of my personal master insurance policies. They need 2 valid IDs and several secondary IDs just to give me back my money (with interest) after 10 long years of investing with them! Back in year 2000, I was enticed by Family First to get a personal insurance policy with them. Thinking about my future, I did. I was 22 years old and being a sensible person, I availed of it. And now that I'm 32, I am going to reap the benefits. But not until I get these blasted valid IDs. It's just such a hassle that when they want you to give your money to them, they make it such a breeze for you. They treat you like royalty. And now that you're getting your money back, they treat you like a commoner and they're making it so hard! Well, at least, my money is secured and nobody else can get it but me.

Moreover, I am on leave until Friday (coz I was supposed to go to Dumaguete to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary but as it turns out, Peter can't get away from work, and even if he could, the money I was saving for that trip went to unexpected domestic expenses ...Oh married life! ... It can be such a headache sometimes!) so I might as well make my vacation count and be productive.

I woke up depressed knowing that I was missing my Dumaguete flight. But like what I always tell myself, happiness is a decision. So after allowing myself to be sad for a few minutes, I shook it off and immediately went online to research on how am I going to get my postal ID, NBI clearance, TIN card, student permit, etc. Here's what I found out from Mrsg. G altho it didn't exactly happen this way for me.


1. Go to the nearest PhilPost Office. It is best if you go to the post office in your zip code. --- I live in Alabang,Muntinlupa and the Post Office here is located at the 2nd floor of the Alabang new public market, the same floor and only a few steps away from NBI office.

2. Ask for a copy of the Postal ID Application Form or Form No. 391. They will probably give you a photocopy. The form is free in Quezon City but there are some cities that charge a minimal fee. --- There was a short line just outside the door of the post office. But seeing that the man behind the desk was already processing accomplished forms and I still had none, I just gave my most beautiful smile and with my kindest voice, I asked if that was where I should get my form too. He was so kind that he immediately chatted with me, complimented me on my looks and my smile (it worked!), asked what requirements I brought with me (passport, NSO certified birth & marriage certificates) and immediately attended to my needs. He even had one guy stand up so I could sit. I felt like a princess!

3. Fill in the upper half portion of the application form with your personal data. --- Check!

4. Have your picture taken. You need to attach 3 identical 2x2 ID pictures with white background to your application form. --- I didn't have my photo taken at this time. I had my NSO certified birth and marriage certificates xeroxed first (just 1 copy each) and attached them to the form. The Xerox machine was just there on the same floor. Php1.50 per copy. And then, I went back to the application booth, gave them the form and the lady there started processing my ID card. Even without my photo, the man told me to pay Php350 for everything, then he let me go to the office of his boss so his boss could sign my application form. His boss chatted with me too and signed my form and my ID card with no fuss. After that, I left my filled out and signed form with them then went downstairs to South Station Market to look for a photo booth. I found one on the second floor. They process a package of 4 pcs of 2x2 photo ID and 8 pcs. of 1X1 photo ID for only Php60.00. Then I went back to the Postal Office. As soon as I gave my 2x2 photo, they kept the 2 copies and pasted the third one on my ID card. They have me checked the spelling. Then they laminated it in front of me and voila! I now have my Postal ID!

5. Bring the application form to your Barangay Hall. -- I did not do this anymore. Maybe because my passport was enough valid ID to get a postal ID.

7. Request for a Certification from the Barangay Captain that you are a resident of the Barangay. The Barangay Captain will fill up the bottom portion of your application form and give you a photocopy of his/her valid ID. He may or may not ask to retain 1 copy of the application form. Our barangay charges P50 for this. -- I didn't do this anymore too. I got this instruction from Mrs. G. Maybe it's not updated anymore or maybe Q.C. has a different protocol. Told you, Q.C. is nightmare!

8. While you are in the Barangay Hall, get a Community Tax Certificate. You need this to complete your application form. Paid P50 each. --- I didn't do this too.

9. Have the application form duly notarized. There is usually a notary public near barangay halls. The notary public will ask for a copy of the notarized document. Notarization costs around P150 per document. --- I didn't do this too.

10. Make sure you have an NSO certified copy of your birth or marriage certificate. --- I already have them with me.

11. Submit the following to the post office: 1) Duly accomplished application form [notarized with attached photocopy of the Barangay Captain's valid ID]; 2) 3 pcs. 2x2 ID picture with white background; 3) NSO certified copy of birth or marriage certificate; and 4) P315 postal ID fee. The postal ID fees vary from city to city. --- As for me, I just submitted the duly accomplished form, copy of NSO birth and marriage certificates and Php350.00. That's it!

12. Expect to come back for the ID after a few days. --- I got mine in less than an hour.God is good!

Estimated Total Cost: P815
1. ID Picture - P60
2. Barangay Certification - P50
3. Community Tax Certificate - P50
4. Birth Certificate - P140
4. Notarization - P150
5. Postal ID Fee - P315
6. Others (Transportation, Food, Photocopying) - P50
--- I didn't do this too. Wow! This is expensive! I only paid Php 350.00 plus Php 3.00 for the xerox and Php 60.00 for the 2x2 IDs

It is EXPENSIVE. Good thing it is valid for 5 years.
--- Aaahhh... maybe, this is the reason why in the past it was expensive. Because my postal ID right now is valid for only 3 years.

Now, I have my postal ID with no fuss and no hassle... just the way I like it. Yay!

Next, I had my NBI clearance processed too, then went to BIR for my TIN verification... then to Smart Wireless to follow up my Smart free phone. All in under 5 hours with the Smart Wireless Center taking up almost 2 hours of my time. Haynaku, Smart!

With BIR, it is located at South Station Annex, 2nd floor. There are signs everywhere so you won't get lost. I saw a long line outside the BIR office. I took my chance and just went inside and talked to someone behind a desk where there was no line. I asked the lady where I can have my TIN # verified. She pointed me to the next booth where an older lady was chatting with a man. I excused myself and asked her the same. She asked me if I have form 1905. I said no and told her that I just want to know where I should get my TIN card because I just recently moved to Alabang. I gave her an old copy of my BIR Form 2316 and immediately she looked at her PC then told me that mine is processed at the Pasay branch office. So that's where I am going tomorrow. I should go early to avoid the long lines. Wish me luck! I hope to accomplish it as breezily as I did my Postal ID and NBI clearance today. ^_^

P.S. Warning to all those who wish to have their TIN card processed (for people who already have their TIN number but no TIN card yet). You need to get them where your last ITR/Income Tax Return was processed and not just in any branch. You can request to have your revenue files transferred to your current location but that is another transaction which I am not even going to do because I don't really need that kind of headache right now. So, good luck!


jay said...

I'm going through this same process. It's comforting to know someone going through the same thing. nakakarelate ba. I dread going to govt offices too cause I had a traumatic experience several years ago where the guy in front of the desk wanted to "prioritize" our processing "for a fee". We declined and he kinda got mad (or napahiya) and made sure we had a difficult time getting our docs. Plus it was an totally awkward situation and I'm not used to experiencing illegal stuff. Not to mention that I've encountered lots of situations where govt employees tend to be masungit and not very helpful for those less knowledgeable people about the process. Pagagalitan ka pa minsan. So discouraging diba ? But anyway, gotta go through it. Goodluck saten !

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Yikes! For a "fee"? Sa QC branch ba yan? I swear, they have the most corrupt system! Altho may mangilan-ngilan na mababait naman.

I think one of the tricks that can help is to think positive and smile, be nice and sound kind. Yun ang ginawa ko kahapon and it worked! Ambilis ko nakuha Postal id ko and tapos agad ako sa NBI clearance.Babalik nga lang ako sa June 18 kasi local branch lang sila but I don't mind as long as mabilis lang ang stay ko. I hate waiting in lines kasi.Ayoko nasasayang oras ko.

Anyway, Kaya natin to!

Sa BIR naman ako punta ngayon. Hopefully, mabilis lang din ang pagprocess ng TIN card ko.Good luck satin!

complicated girl said...

Hey Jen!

Did you say Family First ung insurance mo? I haven't heard of them. Pakigawa nmn ng post tungkol sa insurance mo and how much you pay monthly if you don't mind.

Thanks. Take care you!

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Hi Complicated Girl,

I'll try to come up with a post about Family First. :-)

They were bought by Danvil, then by Prudential. Luckily, they always mail me my receipts and any news they have so I know and I'm not worried.

Basta in short, wala ng Family First. Prudential Life and Danvil na. :-)

Micamyx said...

It's my first time to browse through your site again, Ate Jen. This post reminds me na i need to renew my postal ID pala! Mine will expire by December 2010 and hassle din the first time I processed it in Dagupan. I need to work on my TIN card as well. I have the number, but I don't have the card. Kahit SSS wah naku goodluck sa akin LOL. Lakarin ko na itong akin dito sa San Juan. I hope less hassle dito :P

Raymond Neil said...

dapat NBI kukunin ko .. kaso medyu lugi ako sa pamasahe .. GMA cavite pa ko eh.. jan nga sa alabang market ung nbi ..

kanina lang na process ko postal ID ko .. 322 lang nagastos ko .. und dos pesos .. sa xerox..

less than 20 mins lang nakuha ko na id ko .. ala pa isang oras . naka uwi na ko ..

buti walking distance lang post office samin..

3 years nga lang validity ,,, pero oks lang ..

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Raymond, I'm glad everything worked out fine.:-)

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Hi Mica,

I hope you were able to take care of those stuff na. Para next year, di mo na sha iintindihin. :-)

Anonymous said...

I got married in singapore. So ung mc ko is not from NSO. Ok lang kaya un?

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

I think ok lang yun. baka hingan ka lang ng additional identification.

Koko said...

hi, did you need to put your thumb mark on the application form?

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Hi Koko,

From what I remember, yes... I had to put a thumb mark on the application form. The guy manning the desk helped me do it.

Lord Hades said...

Sana ganito din ang process sakin tomorrow. Im also from alabang... May passport naman ako at pictures... Kaso lalaki ako... Pero try ko na din mag smile at mag greet!!! Wish me luck

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Hi Lord,

I'm sure smooth sailing pa rin naman operations nila. Pero good luck pa rin! Let me know kung maayos ang pagkuha nung sayo. :)

Lord Hades said...

super OK ng process... wala pang 30 mins....after lunch ako kumuha. passport at 2 valid ID's lng dala ko... Super thanks sa info jennifer...370 na nga pla ung fee

of topic... same day kumuha din ako ng SSS id... 2 hours... ang mahabang pila is ung picture taking.. super nagtagal pa sakin dahil pasmado kamay ko, hindi ma recognized fingerprint..hahahahaha...


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