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MJWorldCry Manila 2010: A Tribute To Michael Jackson

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MJWORLDCRY is a free event. If you’re a Michael Jackson fan you should get involved. There’s no tickets to purchase, nothing to buy, you don’t have to leave your own city so there’s no cost to travel. Being a part of MJWORLDCRY means that you’re in a league of Michael Jackson fans that will not only become a part of history, but make history and that means a permanent event year after year. MJWORLDCRY isn’t a one year event that will fade, this is an annual yearly event to help charities and perform deeds in Michael’s honor. Michael inspired so many people – millions of people. Let his inspiration and acts of kindness shine on. Sign up to become an Ambassador it’s free, and or partake as a participant for MJWORLDCRY. There are millions of Michael Jackson fans, and if we all come together what a difference we can make. THAT’S what would happen if we all cried tonight. If we all start with the man in the mirror, and heal the world. And after meeting Michael in 1991 I remember what a special person he was. This is the very least that can be done - Amber Sipes

MJ Fans and Humanitarians

City groups around the world will give to a local or worldwide charity (or perform a good deed) and then have a candlelight vigil to the song Cry by MJ

Raising money for charity, or whatever good deed your group chooses begins at any time up until June 25, 2010. On June 25, 2010 each city registered with MJWorldCry around the world will simultaneously have a candlelight vigil to the song “Cry” 4:30 PM Central Standard Time (June 26, 2010 12:00 AM to 6:00AM Manila Time)

Future Point Plaza 2
115 Mother Ignacia Avenue
Quezon City
(near ABS-CBN)

To keep the dreams and ideas Michael had during his life alive, to continue the hope for a better world. To bring peace to the world, to help those who are less fortunate than yourself, to help save our planet, to prevent cruelty to animals, and to set good examples for children.

Why be an Ambassador?
Becoming an ambassador involves recruiting fellow MJ fans to be a part of your city group. You’re responsible for finding a location to hold your vigil, for making sure everyone brings a candle of their own for the vigil, for bringing either a radio,mp3, ipod, or cd to play the song cry, and for gathering your group together to do a good deed or raise money for a charity of your choice. It’s not difficult. There are many free ways to advertise to recruit MJ fans. It doesn’t matter whether it’s two people in a city or 200, it counts. That’s still light shining for Michael.

MJ WorldCry Manila 2010 Programme

Part I
Welcome Remarks

Invocation: A prayer for the success of the gathering.


Remembering MJ: A showing of MJ Documentaries (esp. the ones not easily found in Youtube.)

Part II-Vigil Proper



(While candles are lighted on the memorial altar, commentator will address/explain the symbol of the first candle lighting. We light the candle here in recognition of the presence of the Almighty God in this vigil, and as a symbol that reminds us that we need a guiding light such as the blessing of the Almighty Father. A verse in the bible will be read)

(Commentator will give a brief introduction on MJ’s great love affair with his fans. Then will proceed with the Fan Testimonials)

(Fans will share their story on how they became a fan, how MJ impacted their lives, an encounter with MJ and reading of a few beautiful stories about the King of Pop.)



CIRCLE OF L.O.V.E. (guests will be asked to form a circle as everyone is joined in prayer. A verse in the bible will be read, followed by the prayer for justice and healing and recitation of the Our Father)

LIGHTING OF THE INDIVIDUAL CANDLES FOR MJ (Fans will light their candles, reflect in silence their message for Michael and playing of the song CRY)

PRAYER FOR BEING SELFLESS and playing of Man in the Mirror

CONCLUDING PRAYER : A Prayer for World Peace

CLOSING HYMN: Singing of the song Heal the World.

GROUP SHOUTOUT: All for L.O.V.E. (We need to do this as per MJWorldCry organizers)

MJWorldCry 2010 will be a world wide event that happens simultaneously! Meaning we will all do the vigil at the exact same time all over the world. For us Michael Jackson Filipino fans, remember the date, June 26, 2010. To be part of this event, email us at, or check our Michael Jackson Fans Club (Philippines) Facebook Page. You may also email me at for more information.

Lighting up the world in honor of Michael Jackson’s visions and memory! Let’s keep on Michaeling! And do it All for L.O.V.E.!

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