Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Singapore City Lights

After our short trip to Suntec City and the Fountain of Wealth, we still had a few more hours left before our flight to Ho Chi Minh. We decided to take a walking tour by ourselves, passing through a mall so we can head to the Esplanade and the Merlion.

Another good thing that I noticed about Singapore is that there are signs everywhere. I bet tourists here don't easily get lost. Plus, the views are all nice, whether we were inside the malls or outside. It's definitely a city meant for walking so people can thoroughly enjoy the lights and the sights all around.

Here's Jem taking a video of the Singapore skyline at night.

I can never get enough of looking at The Esplanade and The Singapore Flyer from afar.

Here, I tried to take a video of Jem as she describes her experience at The Merlion. Unfortunately, lighting was bad and the audio got overwhelmed by the gushing Merlion fountain.

It seemed like all we did that evening was walk. I don't mind really... it's good exercise for me. I particularly liked the changing colors of these lamps we passed by near the Esplanade Drive.
It was full moon when we got to Singapore, did I tell you that? Full moon is a good omen.

When we got hungry, we decided to have dinner at one of their many hawkers food market, Lau Pa Sat.

Food in Singapore is quite cheap, especially if you know where to buy. For an equivalent price of Php120 let's say, we get a huge plate of dish that's already good for two people. I swear, if I get to live here, I will probably get really fat. I'll just have to compensate it then with all the walking I have to do to enjoy the city. ^_^

For more photos on this trip, click 2010 Singapore Trip.

To be continued...


Koryn said...

i love clark quay night lights! buhay na buhay. super expensive nga lang dun hehe.

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Me too! That's where we went next and splurged on an expensive tea and vegetarian cheesecake. ^_^ We have to try the rides next time! This is the second time I've avoided riding. The next time we go to Singapore, we really have to do the bungee. :-)


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