Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Singapore Clarke Quay : Stopover Before Ho Chi Minh

After we visited the Esplanade and the Merlion, we headed to Clarke Quay for some night cap. As usual, the place was so busy and vibrant even when it was already nearing 2 am.

Before checking out the cafes that are still open, we went to the loo just to check if I still look okay. Most of the people in Clarke Quay are usually in club wear (heels and little sexy dresses) and I was afraid I may not fit in. Vain! Oh well.

We also got to see the extreme rides in action. Maybe one day we'll have the nerve to actually ride the Singapore GMAX XXTreme Bungee.

After watching the ride and imagining ourselves in it, we went to The Coffee Connoisseur coz they offer some vegetarian stuff for Jem.
Yup, the entire trip, I was half vegetarian too. I had to... for Jem. ^_^

We had the most expensive tea... It's lotus tea I think, Jem's favorite.

We also got a vegetarian cheesecake. It tasted good, actually... not the yucky stuff I expected. I never knew that going vegetarian could be fun too. ^_^ I mean, I love vegetables. I eat them everyday. But I love other kinds of foods too.

We just simply enjoyed each other's company and talked about some personal stuff... Like how I was getting out of my comfort zone, and learning to be more independent and spiritual, without Peter to carry my bags or to follow my bidding. I admit I was scared at first, especially the fact that we'd be riding the plane 6 times! But I felt I can do it, that if there's one thing this backpacking trip will give me, it's the fact that I could get over my fear of flying. That, and being able to survive without the luxuries that traveling oftentimes entails.

After a little while, we walked to the taxi station so we can go to the airport and have enough time to clean up and dress up before our next flight.

Yup, each of us took a half bath at Changi Airport washroom. Har! Har! This is hardcore backpacking my dear friends. No more hotel check-in and other chi-chi stuff like that. We only had a few hours to kill before our flight leaves for Ho Chi Minh. No more time to sleep either.

It's a good thing that at Changi Airport, they have free shuttles round the clock that will take passengers to the Budget terminal. So that's what we did.

Finally, our shuttle arrived! I was so tired and sleepy by then. I haven't really rested for more than 24 hours already by that time... us both, actually.

At Budget terminal,we immediately checked in our bags so we could rest.

Jem decided to go first to the prayer room where I also joined here for some meditation.

Then it was sleeping time! We had an hour or so to rest before our flight gets called for boarding.

At around 6 in the morning, our plane arrived. Finally!

My sleepy head immediately went into overdrive. We were both so excited to go to Vietnam! It'll be our first time and we both couldn't wait!

For more photos on this trip, click 2010 Singapore Trip.

To be continued...

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