Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sunday Treat: Club Astoria and Time with Peachie

As I've mentioned in my previous blog posts, I was on vacation leave from work starting Wednesday to Friday (June 9-11). Those days proved to be productive as I was able to apply for my Postal ID, TIN ID and NBI clearance. The rest of the weekend was spent just hanging at the house, doing some chores and basically just lounging at home and watching those DVD movies we've bought a few weeks ago (We still have several more to finish).

Come Sunday, we were invited to come to Astoria Plaza for some presentation regarding their club membership. Since we're already members of RCI and Club Panoly, we no longer availed of their membership. But still, they gave us a voucher for 3-7 free nights stay at their affiliate hotels in US, Asia and the Philippines. Coolness!

We also got to check their model 2-bedroom suites, and they served us some tasty buffet for lunch at Cafe Astoria. After all that, we then visited Peter's best girlfriend and one of my closest friends as well, Peachie, since she lives near the area.

I wasn't sure if she was busy or had anything planned for the rest of the afternoon so I just told her we'd drop by for a couple of minutes. it's been ages since we last saw each other. Actually, it's been ages since I last saw any of my friends. Busy bee, that is me!

As it turned out, we spent around 6 hours or so just lounging in her room and talking about stuff. I guess that's how much we missed each other! Like me, she also quit her corporate job and is now working from home as a virtual assistant. Being a VA rocks!

All in all, my 5-day vacation was spent spontaneously and productively. Loved it! I sometimes hate having plans coz most of the time they never really push through. Better do fun things at the spur of the moment. And now, I'm back at my online job and dreaming of other projects to get into.

I'm thinking of finally starting some creative work again like I promised on my projects blog. It's a good thing that I am back at my Wiccan ways and my life is again finding the right balance. There came a point when all I did was work (not that I'm complaining) but then that could be very taxing on my carefree spirit. Now, I pace myself when it comes to work, I am back at playing some music, and hopefully, starting this weekend, I can start with my personal beading and body spa product projects. Hopefully I can find time to do half day of windsurfing too (I wish!). I truly miss it. Anyway, I'll continue blogging about my Ho Chi Minh trip on my next post. See yah!

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