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Universal Studios and Other Singapore Tourist Attractions

YourSingapore just emailed me and I wanted to share with you all the newest tourist attractions they offer. After I read everything, I wanna go live there already, la! ^_^ inside Your Singapore
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June 2010

Indulge in YourSingapore’s vibrant lifestyle with exciting treats this June

Great Singapore Sale
Singapore River Festival
Fun-filled Adventure

Welcome to Inside YourSingapore, where we let you in on the latest and greatest happenings in town. Replacing Abuzz from the Singapore Tourism Board, we give you the scoop on all there is to enjoy in our exciting city.

From June to July, indulge in vibrant lifestyle treats with fantastic Great Singapore Sale shopping, as well as music, dance and entertainment at the Singapore River Festival. And with countless activities for a fun-filled adventure, your whole family is sure to have a great time. Start planning your trip and create your own Singapore experience.

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What's Happening

Indulge in whatever tickles your fancy
Benefit from indulgent offerings at 313 @ Somerset
Experience the burst of   flavours
Have a vibrant night out in the city
Indulge in whatever tickles your fancy
Benefit from indulgent offerings at 313 @ Somerset
Experience the burst of flavours
Have a vibrant night out in the city

What’s your Singapore like? Create your own experience
Join the Singapore Arts Festival’s mega line-dancing event
Discover the all-new Resorts World Sentosa
Go on the ride of your life at Universal Studios Singapore
What’s your Singapore like? Create your own experience.
Join the Singapore Arts Festival’s mega line-dancing event
Discover the all-new Resorts World Sentosa
Go on the ride of your life at Universal Studios Singapore

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Enjoy special discounts with
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An Experience To Call your Own
Singapore has been described as a thriving cosmopolitan city that’s brimming with diversity, as well as a multiplicity of culture, language, arts and architecture. Just like other destinations, the city has her own unique set of offerings that sets her apart. “Uniquely Singapore” was designed to show the rest of the world what Singapore is really about – warm, enriching and unforgettable.
But we live in an ever-changing environment, an increasingly digitised one for that matter. For Singapore to continue to excite and appeal, she has to constantly evolve to present new and engaging travel experiences.
YourSingapore takes over from where “Uniquely Singapore” has left off. The focus is visitor-centricity, meaning the experiences are made wholesome and personal, drawing their allure from the breadth and richness of attractions many have grown to love here in Singapore.
Travellers will be enabled to design their own journeys - ones they can call their very own. Undoubtedly, each account will be different, but they will be personal and that is what will make them even more intriguing. A multitude of stories told through the eyes of travellers from all over the world, or sometimes even local residents. Some intimate, others adventurous. But each remains personal and truly unique. And that’s how we want it to be for everyone.
Take your time to explore and discover just what awaits you here. With a slew of new lifestyle picks, web tools, recommendations and even a holiday planner at your fingertips, you can decide how you want your Singapore holiday. It’s really easy and fun, simply because vacations are supposed to be.
So what will your Singapore be? We say make it your own at
Click here to hear more about what Ken Low, Assistant Chief Executive of the Singapore Tourism Board 's Marketing Group has to say about YourSingapore.


World Class Entertainment

Highly anticipated is Universal Studios Singapore™, the region's first and only Hollywood movie theme park, which will feature 24 movie-themed rides and attractions, 18 of which are unique to Singapore. Highlights include The Lost World, Madagascar and Sci-fi City. The young and young at heart will be entertained by Shrek and gang on an incredible 4-D adventure. Thrill seekers can engage in an aerial combat on the world's tallest duelling rollercoasters. "Lights, Camera, Action!" hosted by Steven Spielberg will interest movie enthusiasts who can witness Universal Studios movie-making in progress right here in Singapore!
For the foodies at heart, there’s FestiveWalk™ to set you off on a gastronomic affair. It is the perfect venue to rendezvous for the best dining, dancing and celebratory experiences with over 60 food and beverage outlets. They range from fine restaurants helmed by international celebrity chefs to the most delectable Asian street hawker fare. And if you are looking for clubbing action after dinner, the nightclubs there are some of the hippest in the nightlife scene. This 24/7 pulsating strip also sets the stage for some of the world's most spectacular shows while providing a vast array of retail therapy.
Brace yourselves for Voyage de la Vie™, an original rock circus spectacular comprising world-renowned acrobatic stars. This engaging spectacle is about a joyous journey of self-discovery told through pulsating music, fabulous costumes, awe-inspiring sets and death-defying stunts. Created by an international team led by creative producer Mark Fisher, best known for his design of visual spectacles like Cirque du Soleil's Ka and the Beijing 2008 Olympics, Voyage de la Vie will be an entertainment experience like no other.
Lovers of underwater life can look forward to a Marine Life Park™ at the integrated resort. Expect to marvel at this architectural wonder, which will house the world's largest oceanarium and the world's longest man-made rainforest river. What’s more, you will be able to experience thrilling up-close encounters with sharks and dolphins. More than just an attraction, the Marine Life Park™ encapsulates a rich educational resource on aquatic environments and conservation efforts.
And there’s even more. If you are an avid sea adventurer, you’ll be delighted. Climb aboard the world's first 4D multi-sensory typhoon theatre, where you will find yourself on the deck of an Arabia-bound cargo ship that runs into a tumultuous typhoon. This riveting adventure, ready in 2011, is the centrepiece of the Maritime Xperiential Museum™, a state-of-the-art, multi-sensory showcase featuring shipwreck replicas and deep sea treasures.
With so much more in store, your adventure at Resorts World Sentosa™ is only limited by your imagination. This world-class integrated resort is set to be a gateway for all to a myriad choice of edutainment, dining, shopping, nightlife and more. So get ready for the full experience.

Universal Studios
Opening hours
Daily 10am to 7pm

Last ticket sales at 7pm
Admission fee
Adult (ages 13-64)
One Day Weekday Pass $66
One Day Weekend Pass $72
Two Day Pass $118

Child (ages 4 to 12)

One Day Weekday Pass $48
One Day Weekend Pass $52
Two Day Pass $88

Seniors (Age 65 and above)

One Day Weekday Pass $32
One Day Weekend Pass $36
Two Day Pass $8

Universal Express. (In addition to your admission ticket)

Off-peak (weekdays) Universal Express

Peak (Weekdays on School Holidays)
Universal Express $48

Super Peak (Weekends and Black-Out Dates)
Universal Express $68

Universal Express allows you to bypass the regular queue at participating attractions at Universal Studios Singapore. Universal Express access is a separate line with a shorter wait line at each valid attraction. Valid for use only one (1) time at each participating attraction.

Family-friendly, Disabled access, Unique rides, Safe, Knowledgeable staff
Good for
Food, Shopping, Entertainment, Educational purposes
Recommended for
Scenic views, Good wholesome fun, thrilling adventures

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