Saturday, June 19, 2010

UNO 7th Anniversary Party

The other night, in the middle of work, I suddenly felt the need to make some changes in my current lifestyle, stop being such a workaholic hermit, and start going to events and parties once again. I may have reached that point when being in the house all the time is just too much and I need a change of scenery.

Since the weather and Peter's schedule are not very much conducive to traveling, the next best thing would be to enjoy the city. And lucky me, coz I didn't even know that Jayvee invited me a few days ago to this UNO party, and I only noticed his message (buried under the numerous requests, inquires and orders of my latest collection of affordable tops and dresses) when I went checking why the heck was my phone showing an unopened message. And there it was! The answer to my prayer. ^_^

The only catch was I'd have to come up with a 1930s costume. Hmmmm... I immediately ransacked my closet and found this dress I haven't worn yet which I bought in Time Square at Kuala Lumpur last January. Wahoo! Then I'll just pair it up with a hat I bought at Enchanted Kingdom last year, don my pair of Juan shoes from Janilyn, a set of really nice pearl necklace from YRYS, pearl and onyx ring from Charriol and I'm all set.

I know I have work, but I asked permission to work later or just catch up during the weekend. My direct manager said yes. Wahoo!

It was such a fun, fun evening. The cocktails were such a welcome to my alcohol-free bloodstream and the pica-pica they prepared were scrumptious. I thoroughly enjoyed the company of three amazing men that night ---

Fritz, our talented photographer, who was kind enough to pick me up from Starbucks coz I was really already feeling woozy from lack of 2 night's sleep.

Juned, who I learned a lot from... He's like Peter in such a way that he has all this trivial information about anything and everything. He's like a walking encyclopedia too.

Then came Maro, the debonair rockstar. Nuks!

Jayvee and Chie followed after. They were both looking gorgeous.

The show started with a ballroom dancing presentation. I didn't get the names of the dancers but they were fantastic!

While I was enjoying the show UNO prepared for all their guests, I wondered where all the sexy stars were. It turns out, they invited seven covergirls (I only know Amanda Griffin, Aiza Marquez and Cheska Garcia) who represented the seven successful years of UNO in the business, uplifting the beauty of women of all ages. These ladies donned their own 1930s getup and had a mini fashion show towards the end of the night. Too bad I wasn't able to approach any of them for some interview and photo. I guess that's just not me. Teehee. Maybe next time... ^_^ (Sorry, Rico!)

Before the fashion show, RJ Ledesma also introduced three of the five finalists of the PLDT myDSL Watchpad Crew Final V. From left to right on the photo above are: Nikko Ramos of UP Los Banos, Jackie Milner of Reedley International School and George Schulze of La Salle College of St. Benilde

RJ also featured that night the second edition of The International Pole Dancing Competition happening at Divino Makati tonight, June 19.

Anyhoo, the highlight of my entire evening was when I saw my crush --- Wango Gallaga! Too bad, my heart was beating so fast I wasn't able to think and have my photo taken with him. At least I was able to kiss him on the cheek three times (or was it four?)!

I first met Wango when I became one of the marshals for the Neil Pryde Funboard Cup in Boracay year 2008. I miss those days of fun under the sun while surrounded with gorgeous , foreign windsurfers and kite surfers. Yummy! ^_^

After the event, we all went to Chic-Boy for some heavy Pinoy dishes, but not before Fritz, our awesome photographer took some shots of us while waiting for Juned to get the car. Here are some of the shots he took:

Hahaha! we were all so sweaty from the humidity but still, Fritz was able to make us look gorgeous. Thanks, Fritz!!! You're awesomezors! ^_^

So how's that for my first night out of the house? ^_^

More photos can be found here.

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