Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend with Dino and Brownman Revival

Thanks to Brownman Revival, I realized that the old Jen is still alive... somewhere here inside of my being. I really thought I was over my groupie days. I thought I have become the kind of person who only thinks about work, biz, house chores and blogging all the time. Thank God for Dennis' (BMR's drummer) and Jotay's (BMR's manager) frequent invitations and text messages, I finally gave in and since that fateful weekend, I started watching Brownman Revival live once again! In short, I was revived! Hahaha!

Hearing them sing their songs brought back old memories. I miss the good old days when we used to frequent Xaymaca (the reggae hub in QC) and jeggaed with the reggae crowd despite the multitude of people who were always present, the suffocating smoke that filled the air and the drunken antics of people around. In fact, I was tripping down memory lane when I thought of uploading our 2006 and 2007 BMR photos on Facebook. I plan to upload 2005, 2008 and 2009 as well.

So, anyway, it was another fun reggae weekend for me, my hubby Peter, and my girlfriends Ninette and Koryn. Brownman Revival played at Ten02 bar in Timog, Quezon City. I promised myself not to get drunk and true enough, I only had 3 shots of vodka, not enough to get me up on stage and harass my favorite band. Mwehehehe. But I was a bit tipsy though... just enough to let me have my fun while I try to be there for my girlfriends in their moment of need. ^_^

I also decided to be a little more conservative with my getup. If you remember the weekend before this one, my boobs seemed to be popping out of my dress. So, I changed tactic and bought one of the clothes I was selling and wore this beautiful Venus chiffon dress I like. ^_^

Anyway, I just want to share my favorite photos for this particular event (read: Me harassing Dino... as usual.) Thanks Dino, for being so game with my drunken crazy antics. Minsan lang naman. ^_^ Minsan nga lang ba?

For more photos, please head to:

Another highlight of my evening was when I saw my former Ateneo co-teachers Vince and Yvonne.
Vince Chacon, aside from being my former Ateneo Grade School co-teacher, was also the former percussionist of Brownman Revival. He's working in Jakarta now and it's just so nice to see him after all these years. He jammed with the band that night. So fun!

Yvonne (the one on the left) was the one who looked for me on Facebook and made sure that the three of us (me, Vince and her) will see each other that evening. She's so sweet as always. ^_^

Gab Chee Kee, my dear cuz-in-law and the famous guitarist of Parokya ni Edgar, also dropped by that night. Dino was calling him to play some songs but he disappeared with the mysterious girl on my right. Wooohooo! Way to go cuz! Hehehe. ^_^

My favorite vocalist also dropped by at our house last Sunday. It was just supposed to be a short visit but we were surprised when it was already 11 pm when he said bye bye that night. We just talked... actually, Peter and Dino talked while I listened. I was so caught up in all their political and philosophical babble that I felt like I was back in Ateneo once again. I had fun though. Thanks for visiting us, pare. And thanks for the pasalubong. ^_^


Koryn said...

same here jen! i feel like my reggae vibe has been revived! hehehe.

and yes, those were really really fun days!

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Cheers to the fun days! :-)


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