Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Work from Home, Fun and Relaxation

It was a long weekend alright, I was planning to do some windsurfing but because I was not feeling physically up to it, we made other plans instead. See, this is what happens when I am lacking Vita Plus in my life. It's been a month since I last had a glass of my favorite vegetable juice and not only am I gaining weight (see my fatty photos taken yesterday), I am not feeling like my usual superwoman self too. I just keep forgetting to buy and thank God for my group leader's reminders, a new pack was delivered at Peter's office yesterday afternoon. I can't wait to drink a glass! I expect to lose weight soon and be able to multitask again like before. I got some projects up my sleeve and I don't want to lose time oversleeping just coz I feel lethargic and overfatigue. I don't want to give up my chocolates, chips and ice cream too! ^_^

So anyway, since my Saturday was spent working for 14 hours straight, the rest of my leisure was done last Sunday. Peter cooked some really nice dish --- Baked Salmon, Eggplant Tzatiki and Japanese Rice.

The rest of the day, we had Greenwich Pizza --- Pepperoni Overload and Philly Cheesesteak. It's their buy one take one promo as long as you order a family size of any of the pizza overloads. ^_^ We also got to watch two of the DVDs we bought before --- Furry Vengeance starring Brendan Fraser and After Life starring Christina Ricci. Unfortunately, I didn't find them good.

Furry Vengeance, for me, was not well-made. I find the characters a bit annoying that I didn't finish the movie anymore.

As for After Life, it seemed interesting at first but it all got me so confused towards the end. So, was she really dead or alive?! I wasn't happy with the DVD movies that I ended up just hanging out at different parts of the house reading Deathly Hallows and finishing
Paolo Coelho's Brida.

I can never stress this enough... I love our house. It's not that big but big enough for the both of us.

It has a lot of cozy nooks and crannies that we can hang out at, and even if I'm just by myself, with my books, magazines, beads, music or what-not, I never get bored.

We designed it in such a way that every corner contains some memento from some of our travels. Even the wooden furniture were bought from Antipolo and Tagaytay.

It's not much but it makes me feel like I'm vacationing everyday. Maybe this is why I seldom go out anymore, why I love working from home as a virtual assistant and why even during the rainy season, I don't feel gloomy at all.

Let's just say that my Sunday was very relaxing and how I wish I can do this everyday.

If I wasn't sleeping or reading, I was watching a bit of TV. Though honestly, I rarely watch TV for a few years now. I think ever since I've known The Secret, I try to avoid things that make me feel bad like negative news, advertisements that make me feel guilty or wanting more, etc. etc. If I do watch, I only watch Oprah, Tyra, Glee, TMZ, Discovery Channel, and other shows that make me happy. ^_^

Come Monday, a public holiday, Peter and I were out of the house the whole day. We attended Downy's gala launch of their Scents to Remember at the Manila Peninsula where we got a bottle each of Downy's Passion and Attraction fabric conditioner with matching shawls too. They smell sooooo good! I actually draped them around me when I went to bed last night.

Anyway, going back to the gala launch, I loved the way Campaigns Public Relations, Inc. did the whole thing. Imagine, having a museum of scents showcasing the different ingredients of Downy's new scents, Passion and Attraction, and having scent curators explain everything. So cool! The dishes served at the Manila Peninsula during lunch yesterday were so delectable and scrumptious too, and properly matched the theme of the entire event.

with fellow bloggers and Christine Jacob

In the afternoon, we dropped by Vita Plus office to get some stocks. But seeing that the line was very long, I just asked my group leader to buy a pack for us and have it delivered to Peter's office which she did yesterday. Yipee! Then we headed to SM Megamall and did a bit of window shopping. We once again dropped by National Bookstore and ended up buying three graphic novels for Peter and another Andrew Matthews book for me, his latest one, which is Happiness in Hard Times.

We ended up reading our books while dining at Eat and Go where they served scrumptious meals. Afterwards, it was time to go see the advanced screening of Drew Barrymore's new chick flick GOING the DISTANCE. We loved it! Thank you Warner Bros. and SM Cinema! Read my review about it. It's showing on Sept. 3.

We got home pretty late and I was so tired. I read a few more pages of Deathly Hallows until I fell asleep. Hopefully, I can relax again this weekend. But seeing my schedule now, and the blessings and opportunities that are coming in, I can only hope. ^_^ I'm not complaining though. After all, I asked for this with the help of my spells and tarot card readings. Thank you, God. Thank you, universe!

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