Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another Reggae Night with Brownman Revival

eBefore I head off to Baguio in a few hours, where I'll be with my fellow bloggers for the next two days, let me share here first another night that I spent with Dino... and Brownman Revival. (Haha... you thought... yeah... I wish! LOL!)

Brownman Revival and The 700 Club

Anyway, on Sept. 16, 2010, my favorite reggae band once again played at 70's Bistro. We were there early and we caught The 700 Club interviewing the band. I was like ... whut? Well, come to think of it, their songs do convey good values. Jah bless and Jah rules!

I must admit I thought I won't be able to make it. But because I was a bit sad the last time we saw them coz our friends weren't with us and there was this lady who danced with Dino on stage, I promised myself that I'd go see them, that I'd be early so I can get seats for my friends, and that I WOULD DANCE with DINO ON STAGE no matter what! Hehehe.

Me and My Friends

Me and My Girls... why do they look more wasted than me?

My boys (L-R): Brian, Peter and Dino

Merry Christmas girls! (L-R: me, Claire, Mau & Koryn)

Cheers! (L-R: Koryn, Mau, Brian, Tin, me)

It won't be my usual "pa-cute" antic where I'd go on stage, hug Dino and have my photos taken for a few seconds. This time, I will dance, if not a whole song, then at least from the chorus to the end of one reggae song. And that's what I did!

Suffice it to say that by the time I did this, I had already downed 2 bottles of Tanduay Ice and 2 glasses of Kamikazee. I ordered pizza but I didn't eat much. My head was spinning but I didn't care! I was having a great time! Hahaha!

The only thing I was concerned about was not being able to get up from a really tough gyrating position because I was wearing 3-inch heels.... and I'm already 32 for chrissakes! For a moment there I thought I'd be stuck in that sitting position. Thank God for sheer willpower I was able to get up. Hahaha.

These dancing moves were the things I did back in my early twenties, and on top of a bar's ledge at that. Haha! But I made it that particular night! Hurray! I survived, tipsy and all. Looks like my bones still got a few tricks up their sleeves.

The rest of the night was spent dancing and having fun with friends and the band. Times like these are good for my psyche. Good music in the company of good fiends make me feel happy and make all the hard work I do on a daily basis seem worth it.

I was also happy to get acquainted with Belle and her cousin and friends from Leyte. It was Belle's birthday and she decided to spend it here in Manila with Brownman Revival. Sounds family, huh? I did that back in 2007 when I celebrated my 29th birthday in Baguio in time for the Panagbenga Festival, where Brownman played on my birthday weekend. Groupies rule! ^_^

With Belle (the one in orange) and her cousin.

Belle recognized me from all my photos on facebook and introduced herself to me in the bathroom of 70's Bistro. I was sooo tipsy by then so all my shame went to the toilet. She later introduced me to her cousin. I made new friends and it was a great night! Who would've thought that I can be so sociable inside the bathroom? Teehee.

Speaking of sociable, I think I need to sleep. Peter does too. I have to have my wits with me when I go socialize with my blogger friends in a few hours and Peter has to drive me to our meeting place in QC. But forgive me should I be a bit quiet. My mood is not that great in the morning, especially when I haven't been sleeping much for a few days now. Ciao!!! Hopefully I don't get tempted to do another post after this. ^_^

For more photos of this night, please click Brownman Revival September 2010 Gigs

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