Wednesday, September 08, 2010

CashCashPinoy Has Awesome Deals

I can't wait for the helicopter ride or the skydiving deal or the bunjee jump! These are just some of the things I am looking forward to at CashCashPinoy!!! All at 50%-90% discount.

When I attended its launch last Sept. 2, 2010 at the Nivo Sky Lounge at Lancaster Hotel in Shaw (which is such a nice place to hang out at if you wanna have drinks with your buddies. Just make sure you have a car coz it's difficult to get public transpo in the area lest you wanna walk from Edsa cor. Shaw like I did!), one of the people from the media won a helicopter ride during the game. This is just an example of what CashCashPinoy is all about!

I also got to talk to Mr. Fred Levy of Netbooster Asia, one of the investors of the said the project, in partnership with Enjoy Philippines and he says that they are continuously looking and processing for more and better deals. They have plans of expanding CashCashPinoy and setting up branches all over the Philippines and indeed, this will be the newest trend in online buying.

I am truly excited! The past few days, I have been getting daily deals in my email and all have been at 50% off! It's just perfect for someone like me, who is always working from home, cooped up in front of my PC if I'm not partying or traveling. This way, I get to know the different products, services and privileges being offered everywhere and I can just buy it online. No need to do research or get out of the house. Just perfect!

Anyway, for more info, please head to my other blog where I explained how CashCashPinoy works in detail.

For more photos from this event, click CashCashPinoy Launch at Nivo Sky Lounge.

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