Friday, September 10, 2010

My Cu Chi Tunnels Adventure in Ho Chi Minh

The Sexy Nomad hiding at one of the Cu Chi Tunnels

Let me take a break from my posts about my experiences in the city and share with you a continuation of my Ho Chi Minh travelogue. I know it's a long weekend and my husband and I didn't make any plans. Both of us haven't been sleeping properly the past week because of work and other extra-curricular activities so we decided to take some time off and get enough sleep. Health, after all, is still the best kind of wealth.

This hideout fits any size!

So anyway, I do miss traveling, especially when the weather is not as unpredictable as it is nowadays. One of my good friends, Koryn, mentioned a while back that she and one of my best friends, Cecille, plan to go to Vietnam and Cambodia next year. I'd love to join them. But since I've already been to Vietnam, looking back at my memories in this amazing rustic city is enough until I figure out what Asian country to visit next.

This is the entrance to the network of tunnels.

For now, let me share with you my experience at the Cu Chi tunnels. Watch this video my best friend Jem took of me while trying to fit in one of the Củ Chi tunnels:

It was pretty scary and a bit claustrophobic. I think we were traveling inside the Củ Chi tunnels for ten minutes which were the longest ten minutes of my entire life! Good thing I had my digital camera with me. I just kept taking photos to make it seem more fun even though deep down inside I was already in a state of panic!

The Củ Chi tunnels are a great network of various underground tunnels connected to one another located in the Củ Chi district of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. They are part of a bigger network of tunnels which underlie most of this rustic country. Originally, these Củ Chi tunnels were the location of many military campaigns during the time of the Vietnam War, which were made by the Viet Cong as their base of most of their operations for the Tết Offensive back in 1968.

These tunnels used to be very narrow and small because Vietnamese are known to be of small physique. But for Tourism purposes, they made these tunnels a bit wider and bigger to accommodate foreigners which are mostly Caucasians with large frames.

The tunnels were first and foremost used by Viet Cong guerrillas as their hiding areas during combat. The Củ Chi tunnels also served as communication and supply routes, as well as food, hospitals, and weapon storage and living quarters for various guerrilla fighters. Let us not underestimate the importance of the tunnel systems because it greatly helped the Viet Congs in their fight against American conquest which tremendously contributed in the culmination of the withdrawal of the American Army forces.

To see more photos, please click this link: Cu Chi Tunnels Adventure

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