Saturday, October 09, 2010

Beach Chair in Our Bedroom

When I went shopping at SM Cubao last time, I was given this cute little beach chair. Good thing it was light and easy to carry coz I had to commute from Cubao to Alabang that day. I was thinking of just storing it away since it's the rainy season, meaning, we haven't been going to the beach for quite a while. But then I changed my mind and had it set up in our bedroom instead. I occasionally take it out to the balcony but since it's been raining on and off, it's stationed here in our bedroom most of the time.

At the corner where I placed it, I styled up the door with some colorful scarves and sarongs that match the color of the chair. I think it looks cute. It doesn't particularly go well with the rest of the furniture, but it's a comfy seat and the colorful scarves made it look nice and homey at least. ^_^

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