Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Binging on Thai Food at Marriott

Being an Aquarian, I can really be extreme sometimes, including with food. There are days that I work so much that I forget to eat, or I'm just so tired to even make some food, and there are days, especially lately, that I get to have the opportunity to go to some food events and end up binging on tons of food!

lemon serbet for appetizer

Remember that time I was invited to eat at Impressca in SM Cubao, or that time I ate a whole bunch of Italian food at Focaccia? How about those hefty servings of dishes at Zenz Restaurant at Mines View Park in Baguio? And just last week, I was so lucky to be invited to Marriott to be part of the largest Thai dinner party where 3,000+ branches of Marriott all over the world served Thai food to their customers on the same day. I'm really hoping they beat the record for the largest Thai dinner party in the Guinness Book of World Records!

yosi break with my blogger friend, Ryan...

They did all this to show the world that Thailand still has so much to offer. Aside from their gorgeous beaches (like Phuket and Krabi which I'd like to visit soon), and shopping destinations (like Bangkok), Thailand offers so much more especially when it comes to divine, spicy, scrumptious, authentic Thai food. Just thinking about all those dishes I ingested makes me wanna go to Thailand, pronto!
Nah, Thai dishes weren't spicy at all...Teehee.

So here I am trying to find time to lose all these pounds I am gaining. Oh rain, and fickle weather, please go away soon. I am dying to go to the beach to swim, snorkel, surf and exercise these pounds away!

To see more photos of the dishes I ate,
please click Marriott’s Worldwide Thai Dinner Party.

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