Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bubble Tea: Loving Japanese Food and Milk Teas

Like I said on my Bubble Tea adventure post, it's this amazing Tokyo Milk Tea Place that made me fall in love with Japanese fusion food and discover a whole new first class concoction of milk tea refreshments. It happened last Oct. 26 when my hubby and I, together with other blogger friends, got to taste a myriad of Bubble tea dishes and drinks at their branch in Tomas Morato.
Above: with Lace; Below: with Jennie

They have two other branches which I've already been to before -- one in SM Megamall and one in SM North Edsa. A fourth branch is opening in November at Wilson street in Greenhills. I swear, if I keep doing is, I would have to cut back on my online work just so I can exercise some more and shed off these pounds I'm gaining from eating such exquisite treats. Teehee. ^_^

fellow food bloggers:

I had fun though. It's nice to dress up and check out a new restaurant every once in a while. As compared to other places that also offer milk tea shakes and drinks, Bubble Tea is the only one that is a full service restaurant serving FRESH milk tea, fruits, and other first class ingredients. They also serve and a variety of comfort Japanese fusion comfort food. And for some reason, milk tea and Japanese food really go well together.

Mr. Reagan Tan, the CEO of Bubble Tea, brought this business idea from Canada where bubble tea drinks are their mainstream drinks the way we do coffee here. And it's been gaining more and more patrons as Pinoys love to eat flavorful dishes and tasty drinks.

One of the many dishes I liked, aside from those I've mentioned on my other blog posts, is their Unagi Lover.

As for the drinks, I've always loved strawberries and I'm so glad that their version of strawberry milkshake is simply divine.
Check out the Bubble tea fan page ( and see what's hot and cooking. I heard they have a new PICHUR PICHUR CONTEST. You might just win a new Nikon S230 camera!

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