Friday, October 22, 2010

Focaccia and EKstreme Tower Ride: Blog Events, Good for My Soul

I love to cook food and eat my own creations whenever I have the time. But since my VA work has been so hectic plus this emotional turmoil whose source shall not be named has been bugging me for weeks now, I decided to not let these things get me down. So whenever there are blog event invitations sent to me, which I feel would help me grow as a person, enjoy life, take my mind off the sordid little things in my head, and be more grateful to the universe, I say yes to them, not to all of them though, just a few events that are about things I am passionate about.

One of them is the Focaccia Food Tasting event I went to last week. Have you seen the 13 dishes served to us? My golly! I swear I gained a few pounds after that! Every pasta and pizza served on our table was so divine. My most favorite dishes from Focaccia are:

Pazzo Rollio and the Osso Buco pasta.

They gave me a gift certificate which I will use this weekend so Peter can have a taste of at least one of those dishes. Just thinking about them already makes my mouth water! Yum! Being with other bloggers who are also passionate about food that evening made me forget my troubles for a while. Peter has been very supportive and helpful about the entire thing and it really helps get my mind off my concerns when I am with other people and enjoying life. I did feel much better after that so when I received another invite to go to Enchanted Kingdom and experience their new EKstereme Tower Ride, I immediately said yes!

Me and my hubby, Peter! Wee!

Me and my fellow blogger friends
(L-R: Joriben, Flow, Montsch, Iris, Me)

Attending events at Enchanted Kingdom has always been a fun-filled experience (well, except that one time when I got invited to the launch of Biki World and the new ABF Crocs. The PR person for Crocs, Helton Tan, did not stay true to his word of giving me a pair of new Crocs ABF despite my numerous reminders. I did not ask for it. They were the ones who said so in their invite. Talk about bad PR service. Tsk, tsk. I ended up not blogging about them on my PR4 site, and of course, badmouthing him here or whenever the topic seems relevant, like right now. Teehee.). Anyway, I do like going to EK events coz it means free exciting rides! Weee!

As usual, Peter wanted me to ride Anchors Away. I did despite my numerous attempts not to. It takes getting used to. Screaming on top of my lungs helps make the fear of dying from this ride go away.

We also went inside the Horror House. I had so much fun! The youngsters that went ahead of us did not finish the tour coz they were so scared. As for me, I was just smiling at all the ghosts and ghouls. I love Horror stuff! I love Halloween!

Then we went inside the 4D theater. Dora was playing and it was so bad! The movie was so blurred I wanted to get our Php120 back! Peter and I paid additional Php60 each for this and my head just ached afterward. Don't watch at the 4D theater. The movie is blurred and nobody even cares that it's not working properly. Hay!

As for the other theater that showed Happy Feet, we all had fun.

We didn't anymore get to ride the other usual attractions coz we had to cover the launch of the Ekstreme Tower Ride, hosted by TJ Manotoc (How come he's not as handsome as his brother? Hehehe).

That's me with the crowd of new and traditional media folks waiting for the show to start.
That's me trying to dance with the songs being played by the band.
Even the Mamons were dancing to the music. ^_^

I got a bit pissed some time earlier that evening. See, we were there as media people, to take photos of the whole thing. But there was this one instance when the organizers/security people shooed as away coz of this dance number that I didn't even get to see. Hmp!

Nevertheless, riding the Ekstreme Tower Ride twice was so death defying! It takes 1 minute to go up and only two seconds to plummet down!

View from the top (150 feet above the ground):

Even if I wanted to scream on the way down, I couldn't! It's as if my insides disappeared together with my voice. Is this what one feels like when skydiving? I really felt like I was floating forever even if that was just two seconds of my life! I dare you to try it. But not if you have heart problems. It may just be the end of you. It was THAT scary!

Before heading home, we saw some fireworks in the sky. It's part of this huge fireworks competition that's going to happen this weekend, on Oct. 23. I wanted to go but I already have a fashion show to go to at SMX then a fun bowling bloggers event. Maybe next time!

I'll also tell you about the Nuvali bloggers tour I attended on Wednesday followed by Marriot Thai Fest. At times like this, it's fun being a blogger! I forget about my problems, I get to experience things I love, share them with you, and in the process, help me feel better about myself. ^_^

Til my next post!

For the complete set of photos during this trip, please click: Ekstreme Tower Ride at Enchanted Kingdom

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