Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nuvali - a First Look

I remember our best friend, John Aguilar, (owner of Street Park Productions, and is currently the producer of ANC’s Philippine Realty TV), telling us about Nuvali before… that it’s this eco-friendly village nestled right in the heart of Laguna, particularly in the cities of  Calamba, Cabuyao and Sta. Rosa, where he plans to build his next housing project, Project Green Home, which will surely become a hit after the successful construction of his Project First Home.

So when I got invited to attend the bloggers event for Nuvali Evoliving on October 20, I immediately sent my confirmation.

The organizers and bloggers met at Makati Stock Exchange early that morning. There was a bus waiting for us all, an exclusive Nuvali bus that indirectly and characteristically defined the kind of luxurious lifestyle that homeowners at Nuvali would definitely experience. I think this is the first time I’ve ever boarded this kind of bus — the one comes with a toilet similar to those on planes if I’m not mistaken. Anyway, the point of the matter is, I was immediately impressed.

 My Marc Jacobs sunglasses look and feel awsome. ^_^

We headed to Laguna at around 9:00 a.m. I haven’t slept yet from the day before since my shift at work ended at 5:00 a.m. I tried to take a nap on the way there.

After about an hour or so, I was greeted by lush greenery and fields all over. We were then approaching Nuvali. Our first stop was the Evoliving Center for some washroom break before we tour the fields and do some bird watching. Good thing that I was wearing comfortable clothes that day. I was prepared to do a lot of walking and touring for this event.

Nuvali consists of 1,840 hectares of land. It’s quite impossible to tour everything that morning so the organizers just showed us the stretches of land that are currently being developed by Ayala Land. Touring by bus, we passed by the following huge parcels of land:

Abrio - This village being developed will have the most extraordinary level of exclusivity, privacy, and security to Ayala Land’s top-tier clients. It will have the most expensive eco-friendly homes for clients who value their utmost privacy without having to live behind tall and huge walls. Once these homes are finished, we wouldn’t be able to see them from street view as their roads, which are designed to be as wide as Ayala Avenue, will help conceal these very private homes.

Montecito - This village, perched on a rolling 60-hectare terrain, which is the heart of Nuvali, deemed to be the country’s very first ecopolis (to be as popular as our current Makati) ,offers tranquility, greenery and wildlife. Lots are amply spaced and nature will surround the whole community. One would feel removed from the city, even if the city is just a few kilometers away.

Santierra - This village will be the perfect urban refuge right beside the emerging NUVALI residential and commercial districts. It is designed to optimize and maximize it natural surroundings, hence, its clustered neighborhoods will be surrounded by a park that stretches 5 kilometers which is the longest of its kind among existing Ayala Land premier communities. Homeowners will find it easy to socialize, interact and do outdoor activities.

Treveia - This village offers distinct themes for its small neighborhood clusters - earth, wind, water and wood. At the center of Treveia will be a 2.5=hectare grand central park with a luxurious clubhouse and an impressive outdoor area that will cater to all sorts of outdoor activities.

Avida Settings - This is the most affordable of all the housing development being done in Nuvali. It’s around Php2M for an 80 sq.m. house, and it looks very homey and cozy too. Right now, it’s the only village that is already done so we saw a lot of houses and some people already living in there. Look at the model house we visited:

There are windows all over and the wood panels and roofing are built in such a way that prevents the house from getting warm, hence, you won’t need any airconditioning unit thereby helping you save energy in the process.

master’s bedroom

girls’ bedroom

boy’s bedroom


dining room

living room

Anybody can actually go to Nuvali and experience what I have seen. Check theirlocation and just register at their office once you get there. You can do a lot ofactivities in Nuvali like birdwatching, boat ride, hanging out and dining at Reyes barbecue and other numerous restaurants, and  fish feeding at Solenad,  a visit to One Evotech (the first BPO building within Nuvali), and visiting the model houses if you’re on the hunt for the perfect eco-friendly home.

For more information, you can call 0917-5-ASKNUV (2756888).  Cheers to evoliving!

To see more photos on this trip, please click Nuvali Bloggers Tour.

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