Monday, October 25, 2010

Nuvali Fun Activities

Whether you plan to buy one of the luxurious eco-friendly houses in Nuvali, or you plan to work at one of the business establishments there, or you simply want to visit this soon-to-be ecopolis in the country, you will have a ton of fun at Nuvali. I know I did. Here are the activities you can do:

Tour of the huge parcels of land being developed by Ayala Land for Abrio, Monetcito, Santierra, Venare, and Avida.

Bird Watching at the Gazebo - Currently, there are around 60+ species of birds found to be thriving here in Nuvali.

Boat Ride going to Solenad, where you can shop and dine at a lakeside environment.

Fish Feeding at Solenad
Loving my Marc Jacobs sunglasses here.

Lunch at Reyes Barbeque and other food establishments in the area

Coffee at Starbucks

Make a Wish at the Wishing Pool

Thanks to Iris for taking this cool photo! I really loved my Nuvali getup that day.

Nuvali is this great new place where the luxury of nature and city living merge into one. Ayala Land is currently developing this 1,840-hectare of plains and rolling terrain in the hopes of evolving the way we live our lives --- sustainable and pollution-free. Do come and visit! It's free. ^_^
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For more photos on this trip, click Nuvali Bloggers Tour.



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