Friday, October 15, 2010

A Weekend of FAB and Fashion

A week ago, I had the pleasure of witnessing a FAB Fashion Show held at World Trade Center so I can see what latest designs young fashion entrepreneurs are coming up with these days. Most designs, in my opinion, are really nothing new. They're fabulous styles that have been recycled and rehashed for many, many years, yet they still look gorgeous and trendy. I guess, it's really how one wears an outfit. Whether the style is new, old, or recycled and revamped, as long as the wearer is comfortable and confident in it, most often than not, the outfit will always look fab.Unfortunately, I didn't get any information about the prices but I'm sure they stand competitive in today's market.

Anyway, I was glad I went to that fashion show. At least I got to spend a little time with my parents who I invited to come watch with me.

The following evening, Peter and I went to SM Southmall to supposedly cover their newly renovated Food Court that now has wi-fi. Unfortunately, due to a mega traffic jam in the area, we were late so we just had a quick dinner, fetched Arvin, a fellow blogger who invited us, then headed to BF Homes to check out Butterscotch, another fashion outlet which just opened its direct selling business.

I actually went there to look at the fabulous clothes and to meet the owner, Dimples Sandoval. Some of the items there were very similar to the clothes that I buy in bulk and resell to my circle of friends. Hearing her stories on how she started and how she does it until today inspired me to come up with my own line of apparel too. Unfortunately, I am not as moneyed as she is. But with hard work, patience and determination, I know I can still have my own fashion line someday, even if it's just online, one that will cater to people like me who like pretty and fashionable apparel and accessories, but don't have the time to shop in malls, and when they do, like to get items at low, low prices. I can dream can't I? Maybe someday... someday. ^_^

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