Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Am I too old for Halloween?

Maybe yes, maybe not but I don't really care. Hehehe. Halloween is my favorite holiday season and whether I'm alone or not I am definitely going to celebrate it, which is what I actually did last weekend.

Since Peter and I have been married, we always make it a point to celebrate Halloween, mostly with our friends. Even that time we went to Boracay for Halloween 2005, we still managed to party hop at the beach even if we're not wearing something appropriate for the occasion. So I was not about to miss the celebration this year, even if I didn't have the time to organize another party, or even go out of the house to party in the city. Maybe, I am too old for those kinds of things, but not yet too old for Halloween. In fact, I even bought a new addition to my standard set of Halloween costumes --- my dark angel wings.

So I wore it last Saturday evening, even if I was just at home. Since the house has been decorated with Halloween stuff, then I might as well use the ambiance for my own satisfaction. ^_^

For some reason, Halloween makes me happy. Having friends around add to the joy but they're not a necessity. In fact, I was planning to just party at home on my own. But I guess my liking for the season was just too infectious that Peter and Princess joined me in celebrating Halloween.

We ended up watching gory and mystical flicks, binge eating on Greenwich pizza, chips, chocolates and lots of vodka cocktails. In spite of how busy I was, I'm happy I was able to celebrate my favorite holiday. How about you? ^_^ Any scary adventures last Halloween?


Koryn said...

ooooh...your new tenant seems like a cool girl! :)

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

She really is! Believe it or not, we have a LOT of things in common it's so freaky. Not just personality-wise, but even stuff that happened to us in the past. And here I was thinking I'm so unique and all. Haha!

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Jen. I don't think that you're old for a Halloween party. Halloween is not just for kids but also for kids at heart. :) Btw I love reading your blog. Really inspiring.
Don't stop writing. :) Have a nice day.


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