Thursday, November 18, 2010

Post Parvati Date at Bubble Tea... Whut?

Last Sunday was one gastronomical day for me and my hubby. I think we woke up late, just in time to prepare for our afternoon delight at Parvati. It's this new concept store located at Trinoma Mall (Mindanao Lobby) filled with home baked goodies from various sources and home bakers. We sampled almost everything on the Parvati menu and even had some pasta, perfect for cleansing our uber sweet palate.

There were other food bloggers as well, tasting each bite of cake, pastries, truffles, custaroons, mochis and other godly and ambrosial goodies to their hearts' content. We have never seen anything like this. Parvati is a dream come true for both home bakers and dessert lovers.

After our 2-hour foodie session at Parvati, Peter and I went to Tomas Morato and headed to Bubble Tea to meet up with my all-time favorite reggae vocalist, Dino Concepcion of Brownman Revival.

I haven't seen any of their gigs for more than a month now and my heart was pounding so hard at the mere thought of seeing him that afternoon! *fan mode!* I wanted to share with Dino our favorite Bubble Tea dishes which I'm sure he will love.

While waiting for our order, a major catching up was in order and as what usually happens, I again, appeared to be a single audience to two of the greatest minds I know when it comes to music, philosophy and sociology. In my head, I was this psychologist trying to understand these two men before me (Peter and Dino) babbling about their views of the society and the world in general. I didn't mind. I was with Dino!!! Yipeeee!!!

Soon, our Bubble Tea food arrived. I am happy to say that as expected, Dino liked what we ordered - the Takoyaki, Spicy Seafood Pasta, Steamed Salmon, Azuri Red Bean Milk Shake for him and Honey Dew Milk Shake for me and Peter.

We'll sure come back for more! But next time, we ought to do Bubble Tea first, then delectable desserts at Parvati. Good plan!

See more photos here: The Parvati Experience

P.S. Did I tell you we spent 7 hours with Dino that evening? Yup, our little bonding session ended at 12 midnight ( around 3 hours at his place) and I went home on cloud nine. Weeee!!!! I can't wait to see him and the rest of Brownman Revival play tonight at 70's Bistro. It's their 16th anniversary! Woohoo!!!

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