Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Thrill of KAOS @ Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila

I am feeling a bit torn about November 27. You see, on that day, KAOS will be having its advance screening and I have 4 complimentary tickets with me. I already gave away two of them to my friends and I still have two with me. Why you may ask. We'll be leaving for Dumaguete on Nov. 26, therefore, we won't be able to watch the Nov. 27 show. On the other hand, regular showing at Newport Performing Arts Theater starts on Dec. 1. Hopefully, we'll still have some funds left by then so we can buy our own tickets and watch this never-before seen-in-the-Philippines theater show. Check the schedule and ticket rates of KAOS here:KAOS: Las Vegas Meets Broadway @ Resorts World Manila

Look at some of the videos I took from my phone when we watched the live preview of KAOS recently.

Riveting acrobatic stunts will be performed by Chinese acrobats and the Power Duo

Martha Joy plays the heroine... she's a half-Pinay Canadian idol standout with the voice of an angel and I'm not exaggerating.

Here's a preview of the cast of KAOS with Gian Magdangal, a homegrown live wire singer and theater performer to play the lead role.

That's not all. KAOS is the name of the white lion played by REAL, LIVE white lion! RAWR! We had chance to see a white tiger during the preview. I swear, my heart jumped at the site. But because I loved peter so much, I agreed to have his photo taken with it. I couldn't get very near though coz I was scared it might jump on me at any moment. We were assured by Enrique Polo though, the Spanish master illusionist, that all the animal performers were bred by and grew with him and his family so they are practically harmless. ^_^

While the tiger photo op was going on, we were repeatedly reminded to avoid stepping on the tiger's tail. I was watching all the people go up one by one, sometimes alone, sometimes in trio and there were few instances when some of them almost stepped on the tiger's tail! I practically shrieked and ran towards the balcony level of the theater. I was sooo scared! Hahaha! I thought the white tiger would get mad and devour the poor schmuck. But it was all in good fun. The white tiger was so tame, it practically kissed its owner at one point. Whew! So I guess I was just paranoid. Hahaha!

All this thrill made me so hungry. So after the preview of KAOS, a small presscon followed where media folks got to interview the rest of the cast, then we all went to Passion Restaurant for dinner. Thank God the food was good! All in all, it was a great evening that I wouldn't mind doing again. ^_^


Koryn said...

At least you were able to watch a live preview! I wanted to watch KAOS too!

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Koryn, were you able to watch it? :-) I missed the real thing. Hopefully, something like this gets to be shown again. :-)

Sweet_Chet said...

I am interested to watch it in March with my boyfriend...How much is the ticket???

Sweet_Chet said...

I am interested to watch it with my boyfriend in have any idea how much is the ticket..and where i can buy it???
Many thanks!!!


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