Friday, November 05, 2010

Zoobic Night Safari Adventure

We left Zoocobia Fun Zoo at around 3 pm. By the time we got to Zoobic Night Safari, it was already dusk and the eerie facade of Zoobic Safari greeted all of us. Aahhwwooooooo….

The very first time we’ve gone on a Night Safari tour was in Singapore back in 2005. I had a lot of fun at the Singapore Night Safari that time which added to my excitement about the fact that I’m one of the lucky few to experience Zoobic’s version of a night safari.

When we went inside, Peter and I didn’t know where to go. There were no instructions given so we just waited together with some of the people in our group. Half an hour later, one of Zoobic Safari’s tour guides went in front and did an orientation about what’s up ahead for all of us that night.

And then our Zoobic Night Safari tour began…

Zooper Train

The Zooper Train was our main mode of transportation around the grounds of Zoobic Safari. The rest of the tour was done on foot.

White Tiger

Zoobic Safari has the only white tiger in the Philippines.


Here, we got a close encounter with snakes, lizards, iguanas and many more…

Rodent World

This one’s pretty freaky. On our way to the Rodent World, we saw a lot of little white mice running around in the forest grounds.

Too bad for the mice, there was a cat on the loose catching these cute little things.

Then before we proceeded to the area where the collection of small and big rodents were stationed, we got pleasantly spooked by the Mice Surprise. So fun! So perfect for the Halloween season.

Close Encounter

Peter and I already did this before, during our very first trip to Zoobic Safari in 2004 (or was it 2005? …I forget) At that time, we did the close encounter tour during the day and the Siberian and Bengal tigers were very fierce then. This time, because it happened at night, it proved to be more scary.

Fortunately, the tigers already seemed satiated, perhaps, from all the chickens they already ate during the day. It took a while before one of the tigers did take our chicken bait. It was still very scary.

Greyhound Walk

I am scared of big dogs. So by the time we got to the site where the greyhounds were, I was already very, very spooked and scared. Yuri, one of the bloggers, took a dog with him while I stayed close to Peter. Nothing much happened, thank God! But one of the dogs in our group did poop a lot as we were walking the rolling paths of the forest that night.

Aeta’s Trail

We got a glimpse of the Aetas’ music and dance. Wow! These men have rock hard abs and limbs so flexible!

They did a monkey dance that made me think twice if they were indeed monkeys (LOL!) and they climbed a tall tree as if it’s the easiest thing in the world. Amazing!

Croco Loco

A hundred crocodiles greeted us as we entered their kingdom. Someone was trying to feed them and the way the crocodiles snapped their snouts was just too freaky for me.

Forbidden Cave

This is where they display all those animals that have died through the years. They turn them into real stuffed animals. How cool is that!

But don’t be so complacent when you get inside coz there are a few animals here which are real and alive. So be careful! Or else!
Our tour ended before 10 pm. We had dinner at Buho Grill where you can enjoy delectable grilled dishes in a safari ambiance.
Afterward, we watched a show the whole Zoobic Safari crew prepared for their guests. It was awesome!

We got home a little before 3 am the next day… tired but very happy about our Zoocobia and Zoobic Night Safari trip. ^_^
For more photos, please click: Zoobic Night Safari

Zoobic Safari, the only Tiger Safari in the Philippines!
Open daily from 8am - 4pm. Night Safari opens at 6pm. For inquiries and reservations please call (047) 252-2272; 899-3695; 0917-835-1111 or visit

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