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Zoocobia Fun Zoo @ Paradise Ranch in Clark

Our Halloween celebration was a bit different this year. Aside from the fact that I almost celebrated Halloween alone, my hubby and I were lucky enough to be included in the group of bloggers, traditional media folks and employees from Zoomanity Group who visited Zoocobia and Zoobic Night Safari last Saturday, Oct. 30th. All thanks to Alex deVera Dizon for including us in the list. ^_^

The first time we visited Zoobic was in 2004. I wasn’t actively blogging then and I lost our set of photos for that trip. I promised myself that one day we’ll go back to Zoobic Safari if only to recapture those photos I took but unfortunately, it never materialized. We either ended up surfing in Zambales or trying out the adventures in Treetop or sunbathing at some of the nicest Subic beaches. So when this opportunity came, I was more than ecstatic… especially when I found out that we’d be one of the first few people to experience the very first Night Safari in the Philippines — Zoobic Night Safari! Weee! ^_^

So, we had three places to visit that day: Paradise Ranch, Zoocobia Fun Zoo inside the Paradise Ranch and Zoobic Night Safari.

Paradise Ranch

This is a nature and conservation park located at the hills of Clark Sacobia Valley, touted to be The Next Frontier, a rolling landscape overlooking the Clark Freeport Zone, Mt. Arayat and Mt. Pinatubo.

We got there at around noon and from where we were standing, it really looked like a perfect destination for family outings, field trips, retreats, nature getaways, team buildings, parties and other occasions you can think of.

Zoocobia Fun Zoo

The zoo is located inside Paradise Ranch. Though it’s not yet fully developed, it already boasts of a variety of attractions that are popular among kids and organizers of educational tours. They have the following attractions:
Birds of Paradise

It’s this cove that displays a lot of bird species. The tour guide urged us to feed the birds by providing us with a handful of bird seeds. It looked fun so I tried it.

As soon as I opened my palm, all these colorful birds started flying towards my hand and started pecking on the seeds. I got scared! What if the seeds run out and they start biting my hand?

Hehehe. But i had an awesome time. And the moment I did run out of seeds, the birds flew away. But I made sure we had a photo together first, with Peter and one of ‘em birds. Teehee.

We saw different kinds of birds like Rufous Hornell, owls, etc.

Outside the cove, we saw ostriches. They’re the second fastest land mammal next to cheetah! Woah!

Peter also took a photo of me near a bearcat. It’s out in the wild and I was a bit scared it might jump on me. Hehehe.

Garden Maze

There’s still not much to see here except the framework of the walls where the plants must grow to create that mazelike wall similar to the Harry Potter film. I can’t wait though! I’ll go back years from now and experience this maze in its full glory.

Zooc Ride

From the garden maze, one can already have a view of the race track for the Zooc Ride.

Since I was wearing a skirt, I opted not to ride. Peter, being a young boy at heart, couldn’t wait to get in one of the Zooc cars. He looked so cute and adorable! Haha! Plus, he also needed the ridecoz his left knee was starting to hurt again from all the walk we’ve been doing.

As for me, I had to walk all the way back to the Barn. I didn’t mind. I had to burn a lot of calories anyway. Hehehe.

Barn and Kids World

At the barn, we saw a lot of animals. Peter and I noticed how hungry they were. Maybe this is part of the attraction so when people feed them with grass, the animals would willingly do so. Poor animals.

By the time Peter got to the hedgehogs, the little animals were so hungry it bit Peter’s hand. I dunno who to pity… the cute little hedgehog or my adorable hubby. Haha!

Then we had our lunch and off we went to Zoobic Night Safari.

To be continued…
To see all the photos we took at Zoocobia, please click:  Zoocobia Fun Zoo

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