Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bonding with a new British friend in Malapascua Island

Unlike Boracay, Malapascua has a very quiet night life. There's only one "happening" place at night and it is located at the right-most end of the island (if you're facing the sea). I forgot the name of that resort. It's the one with a blue and white concrete hotel and has a disco downstairs during weekends.

As for Exotic Dive Resort where we stayed, the quiet dining ambiance of their restaurant kept us company at night.

One evening, I was setting up my virtual office, hoping to get a lot of work done, when Stephie approached me, thus, starting a long and interesting conversation about places we've been to, things we've done, thoughts about politics, etc.

Stephie is a freelance British lifestyle journalist from the United Kingdom who frequently writes for travel magazines, sharing her experiences in the places she visits. She was introduced to me by Carelle earlier that afternoon after I went snorkeling. Considering that I can be a very shy person without meaning to, we didn't really talk much when we got introduced. I was having major leg cramps at the time (caused by a false jellyfish attack... yes, I'm now paranoid in the water) and I just needed to get back to my room.

Anyway, going back to that evening, I was quietly sitting there, hooking up my netbook to the restaurant's wi-fi, and quietly enjoying my cocktails when Stephie approached me. At first, she was asking about the little Asus eeepc I was using since the pc she brought was quite big and bulky. Then, we just started talking about everything, including what she has to do with these bunch of local kids asking her for some cash for their party.

Sometimes, I really amaze myself. When all the while I thought I can never strike up a perfect conversation with a stranger, there I was doing it. This just proves this theory I have about myself. I am better at one-on-one conversations than I am in a group. I tend to clam up when I am in a group unless I am given the responsibility to be the leader... anyway, I digress.

I won't forget that night. It's one of the most intellectual, funny and interesting conversations I had with a single person in a very long time and I felt like Stephie and I formed a bond that couldn't be broken. I'm just not sure if the feeling is mutual. I certainly hope so. She did seem to have a nice time too. ^_^

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