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Departure, Boeing 747 & Waterfront Hotel: Weekend at Cebu Part I:

Jan. 29, 2010, 7:00 am, I was already at the Centennial Airport with my hubby waiting for Carelle and RR. I guess we were pretty early since they were still on their way and our flight was scheduled at 9:30 am. I'm usually like that. Better be early than get stressed about being late. ^_^ To make the most of our time, Peter and I shared breakfast at Le Bistro located at the ground flooor of the airport. It used to be Figaro. But I guess Ms. Chit Juan turned all her Figaro franchises into Le Bistro instead. Smart move! ^_^

We ordered a big cup of hot Mocha drink and a slice of carrot cake. Yum! Had I known that there was Jollibee upstairs, I should've ordered Pinoy breakfast instead. I was still kind of hungry then. The carrot cake stimulated my appetite. Hehehe.

Then we met up with Carelle and RR outside Jollibee. As soon as we got our tickets, we checked-in our stuff and spent the rest of the time napping. Well, I tinkered with the available free wifi at the airport while Carelle and RR caught some zzzzzs. They haven't slept yet.

Finally, it was time to board. It was only when we reached the plane that I realized we were riding PAL's Boeing 747. I know it's an old plane (coz they still show CD walkman and Nokia 5110 in their vdieos) but I was just mesmerized by how big it was! It even has a second floor. My seat was comfortable compared to Cebu Pacific's and Tiger Airways' seats, I have a touch screen LCD monitor in front of me where I can watch videos and there are foot rests or pedals which are perfect for a five footer like me. Hehehe. Biscuits, nuts, coffe/tea and water were served and the whole flight was just so comfy and enjoyable for me. To think we were seated at Fiesta Class. I wonder how the business and first class sections feel like? Hmmm...

By the time we reached Cebu, I was already quite sleepy. You see, I came from my shift and I promised myself not to sleep so I can change my body clock. I guess it worked! I managed to stay awake until 3am the next day and it was awesome! Anyway, every time I go to Cebu, it feels like second home to me. The truth is, it seems like I get to go here more often than I get to visit my parents in Rizal. Teehee. Bad, Jen, bad. ^_^

Anyhoo, the first thing we did when we reached Waterfront Hotel was to enjoy their lunch buffet! Actually, during this whole weekend trip, all we did was eat all the time. I tried to stay away from the heavy meals but I couldn't resist the appetizers and desserts. *burp!*

We ate from 11:30-2:00 pm. We were stuffed! Since our room wasn't ready yet, my roommate (Sheryl) and I stayed at the lobby and talked about politics. Funny experience here... we were bashing two popular politicians all the while forgetting that Cebu is these politicians domain. Oooppss. ;-) Finally, at 2:30 pm, we checked-in and rested for a while. The room was soooo cold that I was forced to turn off the airconditioning.

Come 4:00 pm, while Sheryl was sleeping, I used the free time I had to explore the swimming pool area. There were only few visitors hanging out here (coz most probably, majority was at the casino like we did before when Peter, Popsy and I went here to enjoy some games and waste some cash). ^_^


The swimming pool area was beautiful. Too bad I didn't bring any of my bikinis and I wasn't really in the mood to show some skin. I only do that when my hubby is with me. ;-)

I just enjoyed the scenery and tinkered with my Nikod D40 instead.

I was so happy to be there!

For a minute there I wanted to buy a new pair of bikini just so I can swim. But... I'm just going to miss my hubby more so I decided to just enjoy the view instead.

I tinkered with my camera a bit and practiced taking some close up shots of flowers...

Below is my favorite flower shot. I think I'm really getting the hang of this Nikon D40. Despite the fact that there are newer versions now in the market, I think I'm gonna be using this for a long, long time.

For more photos, please click the link below:

To be continued... See link here:

Cebu Weekend Part II: Kotex You-niversity with Carelle Mangaliag

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