Sunday, December 26, 2010

It Snowed at Enchanted Kingdom

So, I'm trying to be on a roll here, blogging about those things I forgot to blog about, just so I'd feel much better and hopefully, stop crying coz my eyes are effing sore already. If you wanna know, HERE is why I'm crying.

Anyway, this is my third post for today, which is actually a feat, seeing that I've been on hibernation mode for a little while now. But when I saw some a batch of photos from our last visit at Enchanted Kingdom, plus this video I took when they made it "snow", they made me smile.

Enchanted Kingdom's celebration of the Christmas Season offers a lot of fun stuff like storytelling from celebrities like the one below with Wendell Ramos. Read up on their other Christmas Offerings too.

For some reason, going to Enchanted Kingdom always makes me happy. I guess, deep down, I'm I'm still kind of like a child. ^_^

To view more photos, please click this link:

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