Friday, December 31, 2010

A Different Kind of New Year's Eve

For the past seven years of being married to Peter, we tried to follow the traditional route of celebrating New Year's Eve, you know, the one with family, parties, lots food, completing the thirteen kinds of fruits, etc. Well, suffice it to say that Peter and I came out of our shell last year and just decided to do the New Year's Eve OUR WAY... Hence, my Asian tour last Jan.1-8, 2010 and none of the above for this year. We just wanted to be quiet, fuss-free and still happy. This may not sit well with many traditional folks we know but as what Demi Lovato's song lyrics say: "This is me, this is real, it's exactly where I'm supposed to be now, gotta let the light shine on me..." It's our New Year's Eve, and we're spending it the way we want to.

Below are videos and photos to give you glimpses of our weirdness and how we celebrated our New Year's Eve.

That same day, another realization came to mind... As people around us were busy preparing for the New Year's Eve, Peter and I were busy preparing for the New Year. Here's how:

We will be spending a lot of time in Boaracay this year and I want to travel funky and light. So, we went to Clipper and spent a lot of time choosing from among the cool, printed backpacks they have. Peter, being a comic geek, immediately bought a medium-sized one printed with comic book heroes.

As for me, it took me around 30 minutes before I finally spotted a design that is relevant to my nature --- the one with the Smurfs print on it! Smurfs! My college friends used to call me Smurfette before. Some of them still do, and this is because until now, I never fail to be the unique, eccentric one. Teehee.

For 2011, it's time to say goodbye to my nicotine addiction. But I know I can't easily give up the act of smoking itself, the way the smoke goes in and out of my nostrils and my throat. So... I bought an e-cigarette instead and it tastes like chocolate, with no nicotine and none of all the other toxic substances. Just vapor with a cool flavor. My lungs will definitely be happy this year. ^_^

As people around us were busy loading their grocery carts with food, I was busy loading mine with cooking utensils. But they're not for cooking food. I am starting to complete my materials for my SOAP MAKING ADVENTURE! Yes, I am finally going to do it! I got certified at UP in 2003, bought a soap making book that same year, and after 8 years, I am finally going to do it! I already have a separate blog set up for that (altho it has no content yet as of this writing).

So there, those are the three most personal and important things I am prepared to face this 2011. There are still more but I want to leave enough room for the unexpected, the unknown, the exciting and the mysterious adventures.

Have a better and awesome 2011, everyone!


Malditang Osang said...

one olive oil soap please... hehehhehe!!! looking forward to your soaps, mahal!

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

One olive oil soap...coming up! That is, after I figure out how to do it. Hehe. :-)


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