Saturday, January 08, 2011

I got my cake and there's a surprise in it!

I was checking my Plurk timeline last night and I was wondering what all the cake updates were about. Bloggers from all over Metro Manila were raving about a yellow cake they've been getting in the mail. I dunno what it was about but all the cake talk surely whet my craving for it! So I wanted one too! I figured, since I've been feeling really good lately, I think the universe would agree with me when I say that I deserve one too. Teehee. Or I can just order one from Cake2Go. Hehehe. So I updated my Plurk and my FB and just shouted I WANT CAKE!!! Who knows, I might just get one, you know!

True enough, I eventually got my beautiful, tasty yellow cake... and more!

This photo and business card weren't the only surprise inside my cake...

Find out what else I got. I was in for a real treat! Check my videos out:

This one was taken the moment I got my cake.

This video was taken when I was having the munchies and I decided that a small slice is not enough. I want more! Oh, boy, little did I know that there's more inside my cake. Teehee. See for yourself:

Now, with my new Cherry Mobile and Sun sim, it's time to call Mr. Ang and see what this is all about. ^_^

For more photos, please head to:


Cheska said...

That's awesome! Can I please have some cake delivered here? I need a new phone! Yay! you have sun na. I can text you only because my phone is busted. You can barely hear me talk. :(

Gem said...

Nasa loob pala ang ng cake ang phone. Hehe.

I hope Mr. Ang is willing to send one up to Baguio with a phone. It's something so nice to blog about. :-D

Babsy said...

Yan kasi you didn't follow instructions ... eh kung bomba nga yun di sumabog na ... hehehe

Anabel said...

i want the cake too! especially it has a cherry inside instead on top!


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