Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year's Eve Video Blog

You must forgive me. My new video recording toy, GE DV1 HD Recorder, is still new and I am recording just about anything and everything I can think of, given my free time at the moment. So here are a couple more mundane videos I took minutes before 2011 struck. Never mind that I can't enunciate my "e" and "i" properly; or the fact that I speak very slow like I dunno what to say next (this is what happens when I rarely talk these days); that I caught myself with a big tummy (burp!) while my legs were wrapped around Peter; or the fact that I was falling asleep on New Year's Eve. Anyway, just enjoy it, if you have nothing better to do on this beautiful Sunday morning, that is. ^_^

So how's your new year so far? ^_^

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