Saturday, January 01, 2011

No More Resolutions for 2011

Another year has just passed. In fact, another decade has just flown by so quickly that it amazes me I'm no longer that 21 year old gal I know, who's fresh out of college, full of hopes and dreams for her future. In reality though, I still feel like that 21 year old girl. I am still filled with hopes and dreams waiting to be conquered and fulfilled, only this time, I am living in my first dream house, I am about to learn to drive my first dream car, I have money in the bank, I have traveled to so many places and I'd like to think that I have already accomplished a lot. Heck, I have even retired from corporate world at the age of 30!

I won't go into much detail about these things now. And like I said before, no more New Year's resolutions for me. So many resolutions have passed me in my lifetime and not one of them darn lists has ever entirely been resolved. So I just simply stopped making them. My new mantra for this year would be to JUST DO IT! Whatever it is that I want, I will just do it. No more intricate planning, procrastination, over analysis and rationalization. I am given 24 hours a day, hence I must make them count.

To help remind me of some of the things I want to get into this year, I made a simple colored reminder which I posted on that part of the bookshelf in my office that I always look at.

It's the same wall where I posted my 12 year old mantra. This way, when I get too focused and concentrated at work, I'll be reminded that there are other fun stuff to do for me, just waiting around the corner. ^_^

And no, they're not resolutions... just stuff which I am looking forward to doing. They may sound mundane to most people, but for someone like me who tends to work 15 hours a day, to be able to accomplish them would feel like a feat.

Happy 2011! May the new year bring you closer to your dreams!

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