Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Birthday Dinner, Tangled, Hiatus

Happy Birthday Ninette! I was thinking of getting her a really kikay gift... something like a cute little bag or fashion accessory. Unfortunately, I was so over fatigued from a 13.5-hour/day work week, from taking care of Popsy, from taking care of Peter and from taking care of all the domestic stuff around the house that all I managed to do last weekend was sleep. When I woke up, I just wanted to get out of the house and have a relaxing evening. It's a good thing that Ninette's birthday was coming up (*It's today! Happy birthday, sis!*) and that she was free for a few hours that Saturday evening.

Originally, I wanted to check out the club scene but seeing that I didn't have the energy to shop for a new club wear, more so, party and drink all night long, I opted instead for a nice quiet dinner and coffee with one of my closest girl friends. I figured, since I didn't have any gift for Ninette yet, we'll just treat her out to dinner and coffee.

After picking up Ninette from her house, we all went to Serendra. Peter recommended Fez and we ordered some stewed lamb and beef with couscous, plus some vegetable salad. I also got myself a frozen strawberry margarita. It was THE BEST! I was tipsy in no time at all! *hic!* We stayed there for a long while just catching up with each other's lives. I miss this girl! I miss hanging out with my friends and I wish I can do this more often.

When dinner was done, we didn't want to end the night yet so we hopped over to My Desserts and ordered their bestseller Pecan Caramel Pie, Coffee Americano and tea for Ninette. Yum!

It was a wonderful evening and I wish it could go on and on. I guess I was just so burnt out from work that I wanted a change in scenery, even for just a night.

The following day, I still wanted to get out of the house. Actually, the original plan was to go windsurfing. But this time, it was Peter who was too tired to wake up early so while he was sleeping in, I just did A LOT of the house chores. Yeah, I didn't want my Sunday to be unproductive so... I did "Monica" (the famous O.C. TV character from of FRIENDS)... Actually, I have a lot of Monica in me than I'd care to admit.

Moving on, Peter and I saw Tangled on Sunday evening, Disney's newest cartoon flick based on their original fairytale, Rapunzel.

Come to think of it, I can't remember anymore the many details about the original fairytale. But one thing is for sure, Peter and I super loved Tangled. Maybe because surprisingly, I related a lot to the story. I am like Rapunzel sans the long golden hair and the tower:
  • In my own little world, I did have a "manipulative mother" so to speak;
  • Just like Rapunzel, I spend my days doing work, chores, and getting busy with creative and crafty things;
  • My longing to get out into the world and explore possibilities and other opportunities never subsides;
  • I grew up very, very torn about being a good daughter. I still have my moments of weakness until now but thanks to my own "Eugene" (a.k.a. Peter), I manage to get past them.
  • Being an Aquarian, my favorite color is purple.

Since last weekend, I've been on a short hiatus from the online world. I guess it's part of the process of trying not to get too burnt out from my online work. I needed some time to physically, emotionally and psychologically recuperate, and I think I'm feeling much better now.

Thanks to Ninette for spending some time with us and for Tangled, for helping me release a lot of pent up emotions lately (yup, I cried hard on that scene where Rapunzel was so torn about being a good daughter and disobeying her mother's rules). Or perhaps, I'm just really so tangled up inside, especially since this is my birthday month and I can feel an increasing surge in my hormones once again.


Koryn said...

Funny how fairytales can actually reflect real life, noh? :)

I think taking an online hiatus every now and then is a good idea. So you can focus on other stuff other than those revolving in cyberspace.


Micamyx said...

I had some *ouch* moments too when i watched Tangled. Buti na lang i was with someone a bit special. Ooops :P

I have lots of backlogs pero i dont want to force myself to blog. I need life outside cyberspace din hehe

Cheska said...

I totally enjoyed Tangled too. The cartoons all have huge eyes except for Eugene. :p

I'm glad you take some time out to do physical stuff. We all need it from our current jobs.


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