Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Me and February

It's my all-time favorite month! After all, aside from celebrating LOVE on the 14th, I'll also be turning 33 on the 18th. Seven more years to go before I reach my much awaited 40th... the age I am expecting to have reached many of my major personal goals. ^_^

Anyhoo, as a gift to myself this month (I think), I have a couple of weird birthday wishes I want materialized:

- Because Peter and I totally forgot about paying for our property tax since the year we bought our house, I just want it settled as soon as the original property development company sends us a copy of the tax declaration.

- It is under no legal contract that we are asked to pay for dues here in our village dating back to almost 4 years ago. But because almost all our neighbors did, and we want to help out secure and beautify our village more, I want that settled this month too.

- Our Toyota Yaris has two more years worth of mortgage to pay. Just so we wouldn't have to worry about its monthly payment anymore, it would be great if we can fully pay it this month.

- We still have almost 7 years left of mortgage on the house. I wish that we can have the balance on the old Bulacan house sales payment settled so we can restructure our loan on the Alabang house, get lower monthly payments, and invest a portion in another small biz.

- On a more personal note, my 5th and last birthday wish is for me to be diligent enough to make 1 blog post a day on this site about the travels I haven't shared with you yet. It's actually a way to pressure myself to do these travel posts for my personal satisfaction. I hate the feeling of having tasks left undone and this feeling has been lingering for so long.

I dunno yet how I'll be able to do #5 considering that I have to work for 13 hours a day Mon-Fri until end of this month. I am again counting on my super powers to help get me through this without physically breaking down. This is what happens when I'm still too scared to venture into a full blown biz. I gotta keep working for someone else so I can pursue my other ventures on the side, be able to pay our bills on time and have a little extra luxury every now and then.

So, I'll check back with you later. Have a beautiful February first!


Micamyx said...

Advanced Happy Valentines and Happy Birthday Ate Jen! Actually, i don't find your list weird. I find them realistic. I am hoping that you and Kuya Peter would be able to settle those ASAP so you both can relax a bit :)

About the one blog post a day thing, i tried to impose that rule to myself LOL but sadly, i ended up violating them. There are soooo many travel stories to tell, but my mind gets blocked all the time. So many infos, i guess :)

Ate Jen, i miss you! Wishing you all the best and yeah, let's work na soon! :P

promking said...

if i may suggest...

do not take a bath without having a blogpost published. walang dayaan.

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Thanks Mica! I hope so too. :)

I'm hoping we can both accomplish all our pending travel posts. We can do it!

Let me know once you get here next month. Let's work on your next big movie project. :-)

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Hi promking!

What a unique suggestion. Sige, I'll do that. Abangan... ^_^

Sweetie said...

Happy Birthday ate Jen...


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