Friday, March 11, 2011

Baguio Bliss Bloggers Tour by Eurotel

This is a continuation of my Eurotel Baguio Bloggers Tour. Our whole Saturday (March 5) was spent going from one tourist spot to the next. Ivan, Joseph, Anna and the designated driver for this trip made sure that we visited places we haven't been to, that we were all well fed, and that we were all having fun. In fact, we had a resident comedian in our midst (Joseph of Eurotel). Half the time during this trip, we were just laughing and having a great time. Anyway, here are the places in Baguio we visited:


This temple is huge! I was only able to climb a couple of stairs. I didn't anymore go to the top. Laziness! Hehehe. Hey, in almost 36 hours, I only had a few hours of sleep. I didn't wanna collapse or something. Plus, the view was already pretty from where I was standing. ^_^


We passed by this busy road on the way to Oh My Gulay. It was the last weekend of the Panagbenga Flower Festival so there were a lot of stalls selling all kinds of stuff.


The last time I visited this place was during my 29th birthday celeb / 2007 Panagbenga Festival. However, this was the first time I've been here during day time. Also, I just found out that this lovely restaurant is owned by the renowned artist, Kidlat, who is the husband of Lissa Romero, one of the trainers at Motivating Minds. We were just together last week during the Cebu run! Small world. ^_^

TAM-AWAN VILLAGE (Garden in the Sky)

This serene garden in the sky is an ideal venue for art and cultural activities. It will make you appreciate life in the Cordillera region, as well as its culture, history and heritage. During the year when Baguio was still a huge grazing land for herds of cattle, Pinsao, the location of Tam-awan, was one vast pastureland. A spring beside Tam-awan is the source of a body of water that once served as the watering hole for the cattle. Right now, being handled by Chanum Foundation, you will find seven reconstructed Ifugao houses and two Kalinga houses so our generation will have the chance to take a peek at how life once was at Cordillera. Tam-awan Village is located at 366-C Pinsao Proper, 2600 Baguio City. Entrance fee is Php50.00 per adult. It has a cozyYou may call 074-446-2949 or 074-442-5551 for more information.


I was here last September and as usual, this is where I bought some strawberries and vegetables. I didn't buy anymore ice cream and taho though. Gotta watch my diet. Hihihi.


We had a feast in here! The food just kept on coming and coming! But the things that really caught my interest were these amazing statues depicting some famous people and lifestyle of the Ifugaos. Simply amazing!


I didn't drink much but I was really laughing so hard at all their jokes and antics! Here's one of them:

We got back at Eurotel way past midnight. That was the time we visited Spa de Soleil where I had the most relaxing massage ever. I was so happy with the Balinese/Swedish massage that I gave a huge tip to my masseuse. I slept at around 3 am and by 7am, after our buffet breakfast, we were on our way back to Manila.

Thank you once again, Eurotel, for this wonderful and AMAZING weekend Baguio trip. I had so much fun and it's nice to meet and bond with fellow travel bloggers who I only read about before whenever I'd do some preliminary research on my trips. See yah all around! Stay AMAZING and happy travel blogging! ^_^

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lakwatsera de Primera said...

i enjoyed buying pasalubong at the Strawberry Farm and the very relaxing spa massage of Eurotel, but it was Joseph's antics that made this trip a blast, ibang level na sya, pwede na pang Sitcom :)

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

I also told him that! I really thought he'll sing for us at D'Kamalig. Maybe next time! ^_^


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