Friday, March 25, 2011

Beach Hut Sunblock Lotion SPF 100++ for My Boracay Stay

Are you the type who likes to hide from the sun during summer? Well I know a few people in my family who are like that which is why no one believes me when I say my maiden surname is Adams. It's coz I like staying under the sun as much as possible.

But then, since a couple of years back, when the 10 AM sun started really hurting my skin so bad, I now try to get under a shade. The operative word here is TRY. The thing is, I love the sun so much that when I'm at the beach, I sunbathe from morning til afternoon! if I'm not too careful, I might end up hurting my skin, which happened in 2009. See these photos of mine below. Ack!

These were taken during my April 2009 stay in Boracay.

I was burnt to a crisp!

When I got back to Manila at that time, my skin wasn't pretty.

I would really like to avoid this from happening again, if at all possible. Then, last weekend, I got this goodie box from Beach Hut containing a bottle of Face Ultra-Sensitive Hypoallergenic Sunblock with SPF 65, a bottle of Unbelievably Light Lotion Sunblock with SPF 100++, a camera with water resistant case and a frisbee! Oh wow!!!

I was so happy about it having SPF 65 and SPF 100++. This is the first time I've seen something like this!!! The highest SPF I've used before was SPF 75 but the smell was so terrible I couldn't stand it, hence, my poor, burnt skin. So does this mean I won't get as burnt as I was when I stayed in Boracay for one week before? And because I'll be living on the island for 6 weeks, starting today, I'd definitely be needing more of these Beach Hut products.

Beach Hut is actually one of those brands I buy whatever the season is. In fact, last Christmas, when I saw a package of Beach Hut Sunblock Lotion at 50% discount, I immediately bought two bottles even if I won't be using them for three more months. I thought, at least I'd have tons of these stuff by the time I'd be hitting the beach again.True enough, I do have a couple of bottles of Beach Hut products with me now.

What I like about their sunblock lotion is that it's non sticky and non-messy! It’s super sweat and waterproof that can provide my skin up to 99% UVA/UVB protection. Now, I'm not so scared anymore to do so many beach activities. I can parasail, snorkel, swim, play frisbee, etc. I hope they last me until the end of my stay. If not, I'll just buy some more. I'll update you about the color of my skin after a couple of weeks. Hopefully, you'd still recognize me. :-)

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