Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bonueva Home Boracay Cheap Rooms

This is my room here at Bonueva Home. It's small but it has everything I need. Very affordable too!

It was November 2010 when I booked my flights for Boracay. We just came from our 1-week stay in Dumaguete (which I should also blog about soon!) and I thought, why not finally do this one month island vacation thing I've been planning to do for so long? So I booked my flights and then I started searching for a cheap place to stay. That's when I saw BONUEVA HOME in my search.

Unfortunately, there were no other reviews on other sites about Bonueva Home so I had my misgivings about it at first. But because it is the most affordable accommodation I found so far, at Php500 per night for a fan room with hot and cold shower, clean water system, cable TV, wi-fi inside the room (the most important thing for me since I'd still be working online), double bed, free hot water for coffee, change in bed sheets and towels, approximately 50 steps from the beach and 10% discount if paid in advance (plus use of washing machine and kitchen facilities for an additional minimal fee of P100 per day of use), I chose to take a calculated risk by paying Php10,800 in advance to book the weeks I was planning to stay here in Boracay. I say calculated because before I finally deposited that advance payment, I texted all the Boracay boatmen I met since 2003, asking if they know Ervin Bonot, the owner of Bonueva Home. One of them actually does so at least I felt more confident paying for my stay 4 months in advance.

Fast forward to February, I decided to upgrade my fan room to an air conditioned room and added 2 more weeks of stay. So the breakdown goes like this:

March 25-29 (5 days 4 nights--2pax) at Php 1,200/night x 4 = 4,800

March 29-April 22 (25d/24 nights--1pax)at Php 900/night x24=21,600

April 22-26 (5 days 4 nights---2pax) at Php 1,500/night x 4 = 6,000

The differences in the rates correspond to the season. April 22-26 touches the Holy Week so obviously, the daily rate is more expensive than the rest of the other weeks. But still, if you compare the rates with all the other cheap hotels here, Bonueva Home still has the most affordable accommodations especially if you include all the services and amenities they offer their guests.
If you're interested to stay here as well, you may contact the very accommodating owner of Bonueva Home, Ervin Bonot, at the following numbers:

Fixed line +63 362883708
mobile +63 9209175673

Direction to get to the Guesthouse: From Caticlan, get boat and entrance fees at Php 150/head. Ride the boat which will dock at Cagban Boracay Port. Get a tricycle (P100 per trip good for 5 pax) / Multicab for large group (250/trip for 10 pax), and kindly tell the driver to bring you to beach station 3, have him drop you off at the gate of Arock resort, near Nikkos place. Bonueva Home is just in front these resorts. Bonueva Home still doesn't have a sign as of this time but Ervin, or his wife Jet, or his mom Ella, can wait for you outside the gate.

If you're walking along station 3, watch out for Watercolors Dive Shop. Beside the dive shop is a narrow walkway. At the end of the walkway, to your right and left are the two modest building structures of Bonueva Home facing each other. The one on your right has a brown gate and the one on your left has red doors.

To see the rest of their rooms, click here:

Happy booking at Bonueva Home, the cheapest rooms here in Boracay. :-)

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Azrael Coladilla said...

wow! ang tagal talaga ng stay mo dyan!
super fun!

Mindanaoan said...

ansaya! i miss boracay - i should give this a try. thanks for the tips!

lala_sky said...

My friends and i will be going to bora this summer but we'r on tight budget coz we'll be doing a lot of travels. Bonueva room rates are perfect!Maybe i'll see u there :)

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You can check out their promos at by clicking this link:

Mee-i said...

'di na masama ang 500/night plus the discount kung advance payment ang gagawin. thanks sa info jen.

ohmski said...

found your post! will definitely recommend this to others! kita kits pagbalik mo sa Manila!


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