Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Manor at Camp John Hay in Baguio

Prior to visiting Eurotel and touring the rest of Baguio, I was at The Manor together with the rest of the training team of Motivating Minds. It was my first time there and may I just say that I was so thrilled with our stay.

It was drizzling when we got there. I was kind of a bit bummed at first since I was wearing my suede cowboy boots and looking forward to doing long walks outside, amidst all the beautiful trees, pines and the fog which eerily surround the landscape.

Little did I know that the only walk I'd be doing at that time was when we went to Baguio Convention Center to check out the place and to prepare the tent venue for some outdoor activities. It was fun though! I could already imagine how the training would go the next day.

But then we already got busy with all the training preparation, that the next thing I know, it was already around 2 or 3 at dawn, I had to sleep so I'll have the energy to document the training in the morning and assist in the games in the afternoon.

Needless to say, Carelle, RR, Martin and the rest of the trainers and assistants (Khrist, Elaine, Ian and Red) really did an amazing job once again! That particular day, we trained around 120 personnel from East-West Bank and everyone was raving about it afterward! Neuro-Linguistic Programming really changes people's lives and perspectives. I'm still blown away every single time I watch Motivating Minds trainers do their magic. Amazing!

Taken by yours truly. L-R: Khrist, Martin, Elaine, Ian, Carelle, RR, Red

Anyway, going back to The Manor, I was really surprised at how large our room was! Our bed alone looked like that super-sized bed I saw at Malacanang of the North in Ilocos before. We had flat screen LCD TVs in all the rooms and the other bedroom (where the boys slept) was very spacious too. We had three bathrooms in our suite, a living room, a complete kitchen and dining room and a balcony. They also have free wi-fi! It's like having own cozy house in a scenic location with butler service! Looove it! :-) After all, it's a two-bedroom Forest Suite at Php12,300 per night good for 5-6 people. See the rest of the rates here.

Except for the old smell of our two-bedroom suite, I loved the ambiance and the design of the place. It was huge, the view outside was so relaxing and romantic, there was a ton of food served at the breakfast buffet, and the staff were all helpful and nice. The only thing missing was my husband, Peter. I really missed him while I was there. How I wish we can come back at The Manor for a honeymoon holiday.

Hopefully, Peter and I can come here next time. But we'll probably take the superior room with balcony at Php5,500 per night. Teehee.

See more photos here:


ana said...

Thank you for the review, Ms. Jen. I might be needing the info you got here soon when I take my family to Baguio. The Manor is one of the choices we are looking in to. Again, thank you. - Philippines Blog.

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