Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Eurotel Baguio Experience

A few months back, I got an email from Ivan Aoki asking me if I'd be interested to join a Baguio Bloggers tour. I immediately emailed back saying that I'd be interested to join should this event push through. I know I'd just been to Baguio late September last year but there are still so many places there that I haven't been to, and perhaps, this would be my chance to visit those places.

Fast forward to March. I just came back from Radisson Blu in Cebu and our training team was preparing for another training convention in Baguio (which I will blog about in a separate post). Lo and behold, I got another email from Ivan detailing the Eurotel Baguio Bloggers Event. I was excited and apprehensive at the same time coz it coincided with the dates of our training event. But as the cliche goes, if there's a will, there's a way. As soon as my training duties were done (March 3-4), I hopped from The Manor to Eurotel to be with my fellow travel bloggers, and thus commenced a ride that I will never forget...

Suffice it to say that this is perhaps the third time, that as a travel blogger, I really felt like I was well taken care of. I'd like to believe that my fellow travel bloggers felt the same way (The first two times I experienced this kind of TLC was when I checked-in at Les Caraibes Resort in Laiya, Batangas and that time I went to Singapore with Nuffnang, both in 2009). Perhaps, it's because our group was quite small. Nevertheless, I believe that it also reflects the way the hotel management itself takes care of its clients (I'll give you some examples of this as I go along...).

On the evening of March 4, I was fetched by Joseph and their driver all the way from The Manor to Eurotel. It was really generous of them to do that. Normally, I'd find another way to get to a bloggers event but since I was carrying heavy luggage and there seemed to be no cab regularly plying the area, I tried my luck and asked to be fetched to which they generously obliged. From that point on, I already felt at home with Eurotel.

Our first night at Eurotel was filled with fun. I've been awake for more than 24 hours by then because of my freelance online and offline gigs but I managed to be my typical fun loving self for two more hours before finally resting at our room, a Euro Suite 1.

But before that, a ton of food was served after the early evening conference with the hotel supervisor.

There were singing and dancing. I only sang one song (Alone, my favorite) but I gave it my all considering that I was still sick from cough and colds.

Thanks to Iris and Jennie for the photos. ^_^

The rest of the bloggers stayed til dawn singing and drinking their hearts out. It was indeed a night of fun and entertainment. As for me, I had to rest for an hour so I can still do some VA work. Thank God Eurotel has free wifi in all the rooms perfect for people like me who need to get connected for work. Unfortunately, on our first night, their internet provider was having problems. The wi-fi was on but we couldn't connect. The following day, everything was A-OK. Anyway, when I got hungry at around 1 am on my first night there, I ordered some pancit bihon over the phone and in 20 minutes, my food arrived hot and ready to be eaten. ^_^

The next morning, after a scrumptious buffet breakfast (which comes free if you check-in at any of the Eurotel rooms), it was time to go see all the other rooms they offer:

Studio at PhP 2,100.00/night

Standard 1 at PhP 2,500.00/night

Standard Twin at PhP 3,000.00/night

EURO Suite 1 at PhP 2,900.00/night

EURO Suite 2 at PhP 3,300.00/night

Eurotel is designed for its customers to experience a unique kind of lodging services with a touch of European themes and culture. Eurotel is managed by veteran and known hoteliers with extensive experience and exposure in the lodging business. This kind of expertise was shown when Khrist, a colleague of mine at Motivating Minds, left a sealed envelop for me containing money at the front desk. This happened while I was touring the rest of Baguio that day. I came back in the evening and asked for it at the front desk. As it turned out, the hotel supervisor already placed the money in my room's pigeon hole, hence, the money was safely kept the whole day.

Eurotel Baguio
(located at Abanao Ext. Bgy. Rizal Monument, Baguio City) is their 6th branch. They have 5 more branches in Metro Manila, the first of which opened in July 2005:

1. Eurotel Araneta - Sampaguita Bldg., Gen. Araneta & Roxas St., Quezon City
2. Eurotel Las Pinas - Bgy. Almanza, Las Pinas City
3. Eurotel Pedro Gil - Pedro Gil, Ermita,Manila
4. Eurotel Makati - Chino Roces Ave., cor. Arnaiz Ave., Makati City
5. Eurotel North Edsa - in front of SM North

Eurotel is perfect for couples, tourists and travelers who are looking for an affordable hotel accommodation that is quite elegant, clean, well sanitized, safe, offers free wi-fi and with respectful and well-trained staff. Eurotel also caters to companies looking for big rooms (which can accommodate from 10 to 450 pax) to conduct their trainings, parties, seminars and events at. They also provide a list of trainers accredited by the hotel; they offer food packages that can be tailored to the client's needs; they offer karaoke services on wide screen for groups of people who want to unwind and have fun; they offer spa services that can be conducted at the spa room or at the comforts of the client's hotel room.

If you're looking to have a drink or two, you can hang out at the Eurozen Bar and Bistro. They offer tempting appetizers to match your favorite alcoholic drinks.

For more information, you may contact Eurotel Baguio at:

Hotel Manager:
Arnel Salvador

Corporate Account Executive:
Kristen Bitanga
Mobile: +639179718910

Hotel Supervisor:
Luisa Dela Cruz


#123 Abanao Extension, Brgy Rizal Monument, Baguio City.

Company phone number:
  • Tel .+63 (074) 442-0374
  • Tel .+63 (074) 444-3876
  • Tel .+63 (074) 424-8056
  • Tel .+63 (074) 424-8055
Hope to see you there sometime soon!

For more photos, please click:


Teresa said...

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Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Thanks for this info Teresa! I'll drop by Mercury and buy tons of Pei pa koa before I head to the beach tomorrow. :-)


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